This article was once asked by a high school teacher to there students. There are a lot of teens who believe their mothers are very mean. However, there are a few teens who grow up and see that there mother was trying to help them. But, that is not the purpose of this article, this article will teach you how to deal with it. Read on.

Things You Will Need

Strong will
Good Judgement

Step 1

Do not fight. That's fine that you want your mother to be a nicer women to you, your friends and maybe anyone else she meets. It would be a lot better for children and parents if there was a way to not let unsuitable women have children but we can not. Your mother probably knows that she is mean so it does not help if you are telling here that. It will not make your life any easier if you do.

Step 2

Try to go above your emotions. If your mother is making you feel bad about your self, angry or sad try to to fight back. The way to deal with a mother who is mean to you is with pure facts. No anger, yelling, cursing or whining.

Step 3

Do things that you know she will be made at you for if you did not do them. That means you could do the chores, water the grass, walk the dog or do the dishes. This will give her one less thing to be mad at you about.

Step 4

If you ever want to tell your mother she is rude or mean to you, do so in a calm manner. She will not be fully intent on listening to you if you are just yelling your head off. Breath, be calm and spit out facts about why she is mean and how it makes you feel.

Tips & Warnings