Do you find yourself having to deal with or handle ornery people from time to time? I think most of us can answer yes to that question, be it a one time occurrence or on a regular basis such as in the workplace. An ornery person may come in the form of an irate customer, a negative coworker or colleague, or an irritable friend or family member. Ornery people can bring negativity and frustration to what would otherwise be a positive day. Well, this article will offer a few steps on how to deal with and handle ornery people.

First of all, you need to know what exactly it means to be ornery. The ornery can be defined as "ugly or unpleasant in disposition or temper." An example of this would be to say "I just can't seem to get along with my ornery coworker." Another definition of ornery is "stubborn," with an example being to say "I can't get that ornery customer to understand the situation." Yet another definition of ornery is "mean-spirited, disagreeable, contrary in disposition, and cantankerous." Another example would be to say "That customer got awfully ornery when he didn't get his way."

Now that you know what exactly it means to be ornery, you will be able to quickly spot an ornery person and their ornery behavior. You will also be able to check your own behavior so that you don't come across as an ornery person to others.

In order to effectively and efficiently deal with an ornery person, you must first and foremost keep your cool. Maintain a pleasant, positive, and optimistic disposition, and smile often. Don't let the ornery person get to you and don't take their behavior toward you personally. Chances are they are ornery to everyone. Don't give in to their ornery behavior and ornery demands.

If dealing with an ornery customer, let them know that their ornery behavior is neither appreciated nor appropriate. Being ornery will certainly not help their situation. But above all, follow the directions from step 3.

If dealing with an ornery coworker, colleague, or employee, let him or her know, as in step 4, that ornery behavior is never appreciated or appropriate in the workplace. Also remind them that being ornery is not a way to be a team player and that this type of behavior is detrimental to the work group. An ornery person's actions can be detrimental to the goals, mission, vision, and core values of an organization. Remind ornery people of this and remind them that such behavior will not be tolerated for long. Also, remember to follow the directions from step 3.

Finally, once the ornery person is no longer in your presence, have a good laugh to yourself about how ridiculous the behavior of ornery people can be. Remember that there is never a reason to be ornery and it usually won't get you far. Having a good, positive, optimistic attitude on a daily basis and with your interactions with others is the way to go! And remember to remind ornery people of this whenever you must deal with them.