How to deal with them

There is a saying that goes like this: "There are people who have had piles; there are people who have piles; and there are people who are going to get piles", so which ever one of these people you are, this article may be of interest to you. 

It is not a very pleasant subject to talk about but unfortunately it is an ailment that a lot of people suffer in silence due to the fact that they find it too embarrassing to talk about, even with their best friend, so maybe reading articles like this one could be of some help. 

Piles, or in more medical terms 'hemorrhoids', are enlarged veins at the opening of the anus which can cause varying degrees of discomfort and even pain and are usually produced by bouts of constipation, straining on defecation, not drinking enough fluids, pregnancy or even lifting heavy objects. 

suffering from piles

There are three degrees of piles which are the following: 

1. The first is an itching in the anal region often followed by a mucus discharge and possibly a little bleeding, and this is referred to as first degree piles as the piles are still within the anal canal. 

2. When one has second degree piles there will be all of the above symptoms accompanied by some pain and on top of this the piles will drop out of the anal canal when faeces are passed, although they will return inside shortly after. 

3. And finally in third degree piles one has all the symptoms of 1. and 2. but with the piles remaining outside of the anal canal permanently, plus there is a considerable amount of bleeding and the pain can be quite excruciating at times. 

Surgery is hardly ever required except for some extreme cases of third degree piles, and nowadays fortunately these can be seen to by laser surgery which is a much quicker procedure and far less painful than the hemrroidoctomy of years gone by. 

So it is good to know that most piles can be cured but what can a person do to treat their piles themselves and help them to recede and clear up faster? 

Well the first thing is to maintain extreme hygiene habits. After defecation one should use moist toilet wipes as these are far gentler than normal toilet paper and do a far better job at cleaning the area well. 

A warm douche in a 'bidet' or using the telephone shower of your bath should follow and then depending on the severity of the piles one can either use a special cream such as 'Anusol' for 2nd and 3rd degree piles (obtained from your chemist without prescription), or if one only has 1st degree piles, a simple nappy rash cream will do.   The use of a lubricating cream, such as Johnsons baby cream, should become part of the daily routine after passing stools, even when the piles have cleared up.

Keeping the anus clean and lubricated will ensure that irritation is kept to a minimum and that when you next defecate the lubrication will facilitate the pass of the stools without any further straining. 

Do not wear tight underwear or clothing as these will rub against the piles and irritate them even more. 

Avoid lifting heavy objects as this can also put a strain on the anal area and provoke or exacerbate piles. 

If the piles are particularly painful and on top of that are bleeding and staining underwear, the use of a sanitary towel will be very beneficial. Not only will it avoid one's underwear from being soiled but it will also act as a very pleasant cushion to sit on. 

Drink plenty of fluids and adopt a healthy diet filled with vegetables, fruit and roughage (bran) which will encourage softer stools and so ease their transition. 

Rather than sitting on the throne, as it were, for long periods of time reading the newspaper, wait until you really feel the urge before you visit it. This way you aggrevate the piles for the least possible time. 

When you do go, place both your feet up onto a small stool. This positions your body into a kind of squatting position which eases enormously the transition of the stools and puts far less strain on the piles. It is well known fact that in the less civilized world where tribes still squat on the ground in order to defecate there are hardly any known cases of piles. 

And finally when the piles eventually subside and create no more problems, remember to continue with the healthy diet, intake of fluids and extreme hygiene so that they don't come back again!