Would you like to know how to deal with a cat's runny eyes? The other day I came home and saw that my cat's right eye was open, but the left was closed. My heart sank. I pet her and got a closer look. Sure enough her eye was runny. Well, instead of calling the vet, I just called my mom, who has had many, many cats in her life. And sure enough, my cat's runny eye problem cleared right up. If you have this problem with your pet plan on taking the following steps.
How to Deal with a Cat's Runny EyesCredit: Amberdawn 2011Inspect your cat's eye. My cat's eye had a clear discharge, like tears. She seemed uncomfortable opening it, but it wasn't swollen or red. She's an indoor cat, and she doesn't stay in the same room as my other cat while I'm at work, so it was unlikely she injured it. If it's unlikely your cat's eye was injured and the discharge is clear, you may be able to treat your cat's runny eyes at home. On the other hand if you see green discharge from the eye of your pet plan on bringing her to the vet as soon as possible.

Prepare an iced tea eye wash. Heat 1/4 cup of water, then place a teabag in it. Use normal black tea, not herbal. After 2 minutes, add about 5 ice cubes to it until it's cold. Wipe your cat's runny eye area with this solution. When you try to help your pet plan on her squirming a little. I recommend sitting on the floor with your cat, and holding her against your leg. This way she can't back away from you. (Having a person to help you hold the cat can also help a lot). Also as a little courtesy to my cat, I initiated a blink reflex by moving using my hand to make her flinch so that when I wiped it wasn't on an open eye. Don't do it so threateningly as to startle the cat.

Check your cat's runny eye. After helping your pet plan on her running off to start washing. This is normal, just give her her privacy because she's probably a little mad at you, ha ha. But after an hour or so, when she's forgiven you enough to come around, see if that helped. If not, the next step is to go to a discount pet store to purchase antibiotic eye drops. Apply it according to the directions, keeping your cat still as outlined in step 2 above.

Monitor your cat's eye. Use the pet medication for the time indicated, but if the problem continues, or if the discharge turns green around the eye of your pet plan on bringing her to the vet. You don't want to risk an infection entering your cat's respiratory system (it's easy for this to happen, just think about their cleaning habits) and you don't want to risk your cat's vision. Good luck learning how to deal with a cat's runny eyes.