Immature Men

Knocked Up
Credit: The Wall Street Journal

You would have not married this man if he was not himself, even if he is immature. Obviously with him being immature is just the way he is. Dealing with this situation you might feel like pulling out your hair at times, but there are ways to deal with this.

A Man Who Acts like He is Five

When a man who acts like he is five years old can get irritating. Sometimes a man will argue with you, play around, and get on your nerves like a little kid. I do not know if it is just me or not, but my man will just get mad anywhere or get irritated just about anything if it is not going his way. I tell my man all the time he acts like he is five years old. And he tells me “Yes, I am” it drives me bonkers when he does that. Men feel like they have to win every argument, when we women all know that we are always right, and we win every argument and they’re the ones who end up saying sorry in the end.

My man does act better out in public unless something just gets up under his skin where he has to say something, it could be someone driving the wrong way, getting the order wrong in a restaurant, Wal-mart taking too long. I do not like that many complainers I just like to be happy.

Ignoring Them

I have grown to learn when you are dealing with this situation just ignore them. If you do not ignore a man who acts very immature than you will start feeling man and resentful towards him. Everything he does will drive you completely insane if you let it get to you. Men will be men, so just let them look stupid and you smarter. Ignoring them it does work most of the time until they will a certain button that will just make you snap, and after you snap you might feel a bit better.

Talking to your Husband

If you talk to your man about please do not act like this in public maybe you will have a better time out. You will just enjoy each other and you will remember why you married him in the first place. It is always nice to rekindle the relationship and remember why you have become a couple in the first place. Whether if my man is immature I know deep down he does have a big heart, which is why I am with him, not only that he is an excellent father to our child.