You have a vacation coming up in a far off location. But before you get to your destination, you have to get through a eight hour or longer plane ride. Your might leave home in the evening and arrive at your destination the next day and cut into your sleep schedule. That long flight doesn't have to be as grueling as you think. Bring some headphones, something you treasure and arrive at the airport as relaxed and refreshed as possible.

Things You Will Need


Moist wipes

Magazine and books

A good luck charm, such as a stuffed animal

Step 1

Bring enough magazines and books to keep you entertained for the duration of the flight. On a transatlantic flight, odds are you will breeze through one issue of your favorite gossip rag within the first hour. Don't be stuck twiddling your thumbs for the rest of the ride, plan accordingly. When choosing your reading material, pick books that will entertain you. You are about to go on vacation, now is not the time to bring the research materials for your thesis.

Step 2

Bring a good luck charm on your flight. Your charm can be anything, though it is probably not the best idea to bring a rare or expensive object, since you could lose it. You may find that having a framed picture or a small stuffed animal with you on the flight soothes you and sets your mind in the right place.

Step 3

Don't forget your headphones if you want to watch a movie or listen to music. Airlines can charge a pretty penny for their headphones, which aren't very comfortable to wear.

Step 4

Skip the soda, juice or alcohol on the flight and ask for water instead. The sugar from juice and soda sticks to your teeth and will lead to an unpleasant taste and feel in your mouth several hours into the flight. Water also has zero calories, meaning you won't be putting on the pounds on your way to the vacation.

Step 5

Pack a change of clothing (including extra underwear) and a container of moist wipes in your carry on bag. The change of clothes is not in case your luggage gets lost, but so that you have something to change into right after your plane lands. Use the moist wipes to freshen up after you land, especially if you are on an overnight flight. When you can't shower, moist wipes really are the next best thing. You may also want to pack a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste in your carry on (make sure you follow TSA's rules regarding bringing liquids in carry on bags). If you don't want to be the person who brushes their teeth in the airport bathroom, sugar free gum such as Orbit or a minty breathstrip will help freshen your mouth. Once you've landed and gone through customs and baggage claim, enjoy your vacation. Use the same tricks for your flight home and make the entirety of your vacation a relaxing, joyful time.

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