“Do I need to redesign my medical office?” “Am I making a hasty decision?” All physicians who own medical offices and have been practicing for a couple of years face this dilemma, When confronted with the choice of either shelling out the dollars for a design revamp or postponing the decision in the light of challenging financial conditions but at the risk of sacrificing patient comfort, employee productivity and satisfaction, or the benefits of going in for an energy-efficient design.

The question on their lips is thus, “How do I decide if I need to redesign my medical office?” The following are the tell-tale signs that it is time the office got a design makeover:

  • New diagnostic and treatment equipment need to be accommodated in the available space. With rapid advances in technology, no physician can overlook the importance of having the state-of-art medical equipment in his office in order to provide the most effective treatment and thus keep ahead of competition. New medical equipment may not always fit easily in place of the old equipment, so if an overhaul is needed in your office for new equipment, it may be the best time for redesigning your office interior design.
  • There has been a considerable rise in the number of patients visiting daily. An increase in the number of patient visits can be due to a host of factors—increased and effective marketing measures, increased awareness about the efficacy of health check-ups, or a sudden dearth of physicians in the locality. Whatever may be the reason, no physician can afford to capitalize on this golden opportunity by not redesigning the various areas of the medical office, especially the waiting room, to accommodate the increased number of patients and make them comfortable.
  • The government has made it mandatory to incorporate specific design guidelines in public buildings. These guidelines can range from energy-efficiency measures to design features that are compliant with the recommendations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and not adhering to these can bring upon severe penalties on a physician.

Having your medical office redesigned can make it feel like a new office to you, your employees and your patients. Not only will your office feel new, but interior design is a great marketing tool. New patients will walk into your office, and with a beautiful office, will instantly feeel a level of trust and comfort in your practice. Returning patients will walk into your newly redesigned office and happily pass on refferrals to their family and friends.