What is Botox, The Cost of Botox and Side Effects of Botox You Should Know

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The popular celebrity glamour drug known as Botox has become increasingly even more popular among the general public as more men and women search for ways to get a face lift, to tighten lines and wrinkles and ultimately look younger as one way of anti aging. Many people get botox treatments under the eyes to remove bags and drooping eyes and botox treatments for lips for larger fuller lips.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Botox is a poisonous bacteria (bacterium clostridium botulinum) found in the soil and is diluted into a form that can be administered into human skin to relax the muscles helping to reduce lines and wrinkles. The FDA has approved botox as a dermal filler to be used for lines and wrinkles when used professionally and further research continues all the time for potential side effects and complications.

Before diving into botox injections, learn and understand what exactly it is, the cost of botox injections and the potential side effects and complications of botox.


The Botox Information You Need:

  • Knowledge

  • Common sense

  • Specialized doctor

  • Money

  • Time


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First, know that Botox (TM) is also known as bacterium clostridium botulinum. It is a natural bacteria/poison from the soil found in decomposing food that has been used to relax lines and wrinkles as a filler to tighten and firm the skin. It is essential to know that it must be injected by a specialized physician to reduce the side effects and complications, provide injections in a sterilized atmosphere and to make sure that it really is authentic.

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Next, realize that Botox (TM) comes from the botulinum otherwise known as the botulism toxin. The definition of a toxin is a poison. This particular toxin is forty million times more powerful than cyanide or the same ingredient used in rat poison. Even still, it remains quite popular for men and women wanting to look younger and reduce the signs of aging.

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Know the side effects of botox: The potential side effects of botox can be difficulty swallowing or breathing (especially for patients with neuromuscular difficulties), headaches, eye lid drooping, dry eyes, double vision, bruising and swelling, as well as an unnatural appearance to the face reducing the ability of the facial muscles to move freely with expression with each new treatment. This produces an almost plastic or fake appearance to the face that is unnatural and very unbecoming on most people that use it over an extended period of time.Many people also have difficulty with speech after a treatment especially those around the mouth and some letters become difficult if not impossible to pronounce words correctly.

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Know the cost of Botox (TM) treatments can start at $450 for each treatment and require many treatments until the optimal look is achieved. Each treatment is expected to last between 3 and 4 months before a repeat session is needed or encouraged. Many routine botox treatments cost $700 per session and also depends on the area of the country that you reside. There can also be increased costs associated with follow-up visits or for any problems from side effects that require additional treatments and some physicians recommend their own skin care products to be used between sessions.

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Before deciding on Botox (TM) treatments, remember that everything that gets put on or into the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream so that those treatments end up inside your body and the research will continue to find out how it will eventually affect more of the body if at all.

  1. Step 6

Put it all together: Discuss botox treatments with your specialist or dr and make sure to discuss the pros and cons of injections as well as long term results. Use knowledge and common sense to make the best choices in health and wellness and to look and feel your best before you choose this or any other treatment to firm and tighten your skin.


Tips & Warnings

  • There are natural botanical alternatives to treatments which are just as effective although may take longer to achieve without side effects or the unnatural look that injections give.

  • Botox treatments are occasionally used to treat sever migraine headaches with some success - discuss this option with your physician.
  • Start as soon as possible to find ways to firm and tighten the skin for long lasting results. Check out Five Minute Face Lift Exercises to do daily in place of or with these treatments.

  • Only use experienced medical physicians as dermatology specialists for treatments which will reduce the potential side effects and complications, which can be irreversible in many cases.

  • Study and read all that is available on the internet about these injections as knowledge is power and will enable you to make the best decision for you and those you love.

  • Decide if fuller lips, less lines and wrinkles or tighter eyes or any other non surgical treatment will be worth the time, side effects and if the cost is worth it for you.

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