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If you are planning a wedding, one of your first decisions will be how to handle all the different expenses.  One way to manage everything, and keep the bills separate from your normal household expenses, is to use a wedding credit card.  As you will see below, there are several different types of wedding credit cards available and it is very important that you give some thought to the best one for you.  One thing you need to consider is ... how long do you want to be paying for your wedding?

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The Knot Credit Card from American Express

 The Knot is an online wedding shop which many newly engaged couples have found useful for purchasing at least some of their wedding supplies.  The Knot Credit Card is promoted on the site.  Having this credit card allows the cardholder to get discounts on The Knot’s website, and earn points that can be used for rewards.  At this time, cardholders also get a wedding planning binder to help keep their wedding expenses and plans organized.  I have four married daughters, and know from experience that keeping everything organized in one place is a monumental task.  We used thick binders with the last two weddings, and it made life much easier.

What are some of the items that are available on  You can use The Knot to purchase wedding rings, wedding favors, jewelry, bridesmaid gifts, groomsman gifts, totes, flasks, wedding invitations, thank you notes, and more.  The Knot will also refer you to local vendors for items such as wedding cakes, wedding dresses, calligraphers to address your invitations, and more.

If you are planning a wedding, and believe that you will be using to purchase anything from your cake servers to your place cards, you may find The Knot Credit Card from American Express to be a useful credit card.

Planning an Affordable Wedding

It can be very helpful to also plan to keep the cost of your ceremony and reception as affordable as possible.  If you need some tips to do that, you may want to use this quick Amazon link and pick up a copy of "Romantic Budget Wedding Ideas."

 David’s Bridal Credit Card

Another company that has their own credit card is David’s Bridal.  They currently promote their credit card by advertising that you will pay no interest if you pay the charges off within six months.  They also do not have an annual fee.   David’s Bridal operates a nationwide chain of bridal stores, and they have an online store at, too. 

 What are some of the items that you might purchase from David’s Bridal?  You might go to them for the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and all the accessories including shoes, veils, lingerie, jewelry, and similar items.  David’s Bridal also sells wedding invitations, ring bearer pillows, champagne flutes and many similar items for either your wedding ceremony or the reception. 

 If you believe that you will be purchasing many items from David’s Bridal, it certainly could be worthwhile to get a credit card with them, since it will allow you to stretch your payments out over six months without interest.

 Other Wedding Credit Card Options

 Using a separate credit card to pay for your wedding does make a lot of sense.  It helps prevent you from using the same credit card to pay for your wedding that you use to go out to dinner or put gas in your car.  As a result, you will be more aware of what you are spending, and it will be easier to stick with your budget.  In addition, you won’t end up making payments for months on everyday expenses that you would have normally paid off immediately.  Therefore, even if you do not use a credit card from or David’s Bridal, you may want to have a separate card that you use exclusively for wedding expenses.  You may even want one that has cash back or a rewards program, such as airline miles that you could use on your honeymoon.

Personal Loan vs. Credit Card

Using a credit card to pay for your special day is not your only option.  Some people choose to take out a personal loan, instead.  Your first stop should be the bank or credit union that you currently use.  If they do not have a loan program that will meet your needs, you may also want to contact  This company loans money for weddings, and allows you to stretch the payments out.  You can borrow from $1,500 to $25,000.  You will need a credit score of at least 600 to qualify but, if you do, this could turn out to be a cheaper way to pay than using a credit card.  Again, it will be important to have a budget and stick with it.  Once you have borrowed this money, you do not want to go over that budget.

If you already own a home, another option may be to take out a home equity loan or line of credit.  Your interest rate will be much lower with a home equity loan than with a credit card or with an unsecured personal loan.  However, remember that you are borrowing against the equity in your home.  Is it really worth it to you to use your home equity for a lavish event?  Are there other expenses that may be more valuable to you in the long run?

A third option would be to borrow money from relatives.  Some family members might be able to help out with the bridal expenses, and may even offer to provide some help without all of the funds being repaid.  However, don’t count on this.  If you choose to borrow from relatives, act like the responsible adults you want your relatives to believe you are.  Type up a written agreement that explains how much you are borrowing, how much interest you are paying, what the payments will be, and how many months it will take you to repay the loan, including interest.  Be realistic about your ability to repay the loan, and keep your commitment!  If you receive cash gifts from some of your guests, you should probably put at least some of that money aside to repay your loan.

 Less Expensive Options for Getting Married

Finally, if you are planning an expensive wedding, and will have to borrow a substantial amount of money, you may want to consider some less expensive options, instead.  Could you have a nice ceremony in your hometown church, followed by an afternoon reception at a friend or relative’s home?  Why not plan on a honeymoon at a resort or charming bed ‘n breakfast that is within driving distance?  Many people with long lasting marriages have chosen to have simple ceremonies, and are glad that they did not start off their marriage with a mountain of debt.

One way to help with your budget is to use the book mentioned above ("Romantic Budget Wedding Ideas" from or use the planning tools on website.  They have a calculator that has been very helpful in budgeting for the ceremonies of our daughters.  You type in the total amount that you hope to spend, and the calculator comes back with the maximum amount you should spend on different items, such as the wedding dress, or the invitations.  Then, you can go back through and modify those numbers, as necessary.  For example, if you are using a friend’s home for the reception, and will not have to pay a rental fee, you can eliminate that item from the budget calculator.  Everything can then be recalculated.  This is a fabulous way to make sure you cover all the necessary expenses, and stay within a reasonable budget.  Doing this before you borrow money will be extremely helpful.

Plan wisely, and have a beautiful ceremoney!

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