The idea of an eyelid tattoo is one of great spark. It isn't something of a norm, even for a tattoo lover. Instead an eyelid tattoo is one tattoo that everyone will see, but not everyone will tattoo. There are references to the eyelid tattoo as well. The third movie of Pirates of the Caribbean had Jack Sparrow made up with his eyes looking like they were inked.

For those of us who are considering eyelid tattoos, then you need to know how to do it appropraitely as eyelids are really thin and the artist has a small amount of skin in a sensitive place to ink

Things You Will Need


Tattoo Artist

Step 1

Before you go to the tatttoo artist to be inked, you need to decide on the eyelid or eyelids you want designed. Research indicates that people who tattoo their eyelids usually do both, but in seperate settings to allow time to take care of the first eyelid.

Step 2

Once you have your eyelids decided upon, then you need to find the design you want to place on the eyelid. The majority of designs for the eyelids are eyeballs (simple, spooky and even bloodshot) however others put smaller graphics on the eyelids as well. With the area being small, the actual tattoo needs to be small as well.

Step 3

Finding your tattoo artist is the next step. As this is an eyelid and not an ankle, not every tattoo artist is going to be interested in doing your ink. You need to call around before leaving the house to find an artist who has done eyelids before and is willing to ink again.

Step 4

After you have your eyelid tattoo in place, you need to find yourself a place to rest. Keeping this tattoo clean and taken care of is important. Just like other tattoos, you need to watch out for infections and make sure it is comfortable. Eyelid tattoos are an unique area for a tattoo artist. As the general public doesn's see many eyelib tattoos, the tattoo artist doesn't ink many either.

Tips & Warnings