There are several sorts of Computer mics. However you intend to use your microphone there is no deficiency of options to select from. For example, if you work in an office building, run a business out of your home, play games online, or just want to chat with your friends there are mics well matched for each of these needs. This resource will help you decide on the best microphones for each of these needs.

Microphone Headsets

Headset microphones are useful for nearly any purpose you may have for your microphone. Whether you're interested in online games, need to speak with business contacts, record audio or video for blogs, or dictate documents to a voice recognition program there's a headset perfect for your situation. Most microphone headsets have stereo headphones included, so everybody else doesn't have to hear your conversation or your game. You want to look for a headset that has good noise cancellation technology, but these days at least some type of noise cancellation is almost standard.

For gamers, headset microphones with earphones that fully enclose the ears are ideal, because they'll muffle out sounds from others talking, watching TV, or playing music in the room. There are high end mic headsets available so avid gamers can be fully immersed in the action with high quality sound.

Desktop Microphones

If multiple people will be involved in a conversation or recording desktop mics work best. There are no headphones so the audio can clearly be heard by all, and anyone can speak into the mic to be heard. This works well for conferences or chatting when the whole family is present.

Wireless Microphones

Wireless mics can come in the form of a lapel microphone or an earpiece, just like a Bluetooth headset, or they might simply be a wireless version of a headset. These are perfect for multitasking since you can stay on the move while speaking with contacts, dictating documnets, recording audio and video, or chatting with friends. Gamers also use wireless mics so they don't have to worry about getting caught up in the cords.

No matter what your need is, there is a wide variety of microphones available. You can find a microphone for PC that will meet your specific needs.