Are socks spilling out of your drawers? Is there funky mold growing on the food in your fridge? Do you waste time looking for things because you don't know where anything is? Here is how to declutter clutter quick.

Things You Will Need

Trash bags

Step 1

The first step to declutter clutter quick is to stop bringing new things into your life. No more clothes, shoes, books, toys etc. With the exception of essentials like food and water, no more new "STUFF".

Step 2

Follow the rule of 2 with the items you replace frequently. One item you are using and one to replace it when you used it up. Don't stockpile anything with the exception of some paper products like toilet paper.

Step 3

Use up what you have. To declutter clutter quick you will want to use things you have and not buy more.

Step 4

Set a timer and take a few minutes each day decluttering an area in your house. A good place to start is the kitchen as it tends to be the hub of the home and a clean kitchen will set the tone for the rest of the house.

Step 5

Get rid of as much stuff as you can. Think of donating things so others can use them. A good way to declutter clutter quick is to think of how the things you are not using that are cluttering your home could be put to good use by others.

Step 6

Always put things back in their place so you know where to find them the next time. That's a great way to keep clutter from building up.

Step 7

When you leave a room, look over your shoulder and ask yourself if you left it looking better than when you came in.

Maintenance is key to declutter clutter quick. If you declutter an area make sure you keep it that way!

Tips & Warnings