Cheap Ways to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom on a budget may tax your creative mind and your muscles but the benefits when you see the results will be well worth all the headaches.

Firstly, you need to decide what you want to achieve. Spend some time thinking about colours, styles, what you want to acquire or get rid of. If you're not sure what you want, do some research on the internet or in magazines. Perhaps go through a display home and take note of what you like or don't like about colours and styles. Take note of fabrics and furnishings.

While redecorating, take the opportunity to get rid of clutter and unwanted items. Go through the wardrobes and give away or donate clothes that don't fit or that you never wear.

A fresh coat of paint usually comes into the equation. If you are able to buy new items such as a duvet cover or curtains, it is sometimes easier to match the paint colour to a material colour rather than the other way around. Look for discounted paints. Returned paints and cans with dents are often cheaper. Be sure to buy sufficient in the colour you want if buying discounted paints. Add a wallpaper border or paint one wall an accent colour.

Credit: By Swissôtel Le Plaza Basel (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (

This room looks clean and sleek with

colours kept to a minimum.

When decorating on a budget, anything is possible but as a rule it may take a while longer. You may need to wait until a certain colour or fabric appears in a discount store or go to several stores to find the item in the particular colour you've set your heart on but it is all achievable. Ready-made curtains, quality bed linen and accessories are available in stores like Wal Mart, Target or Ikea.

Inexpensive decorative curtain rods could be utilised with new or the same curtains to give a new look. Mini-blinds, bamboo shades or Holland blinds could be considered. If you are able to sew there is a multitude of items that can be made or updated. Bed linen, duvet covers, pillow slips and curtains are some that come to mind. Extra cushions always give a luxurious look and if made in a variety of attractive textured fabrics, will do much to lift an 'ordinary' room to something special.

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Use a minor colour in the quilt as an
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Look for substitutes for items that may be out of your price range. Polyester cushions have a nice shine and can substitute for expensive silk covers. If you like a particular colour, look for the item in a cheaper fabric that will give the same effect.

You may be able to recover, repaint or spruce up the bedhead and avoid buying a new one. The bedside tables can be painted or distressed to give a fresh new feel. Lamp shades can be revamped with the addition of some ribbon or recovered, perhaps with the same fabric as the curtains or bedspread.

If your ceiling fan blades are the type that are white on one side and a wood finish on the other, consider reversing them.

If money is so tight that there is very little to spend, get rid of all clutter, clean the room thoroughly and simply rearrange or swap artwork and knick-knacks. Choose a completely different colour or style to maximise the visual change.