Decorating can be a difficult and stressful process sometimes but it doesn't have to be! In fact decorating, especially decorating furniture like corner bookcases, is actually a pretty easy thing to do. All you have to do is put a little bit of forethought into the process and you will soon find that your house is looking neater and more put together than it was before.

Things You Will Need

Most of what you'll need for this little exercise are concepts. You need to understand that decorating your house isn't necessarily a chore. The best decorators make simple and elegant designs that look clean and put together. Once you understand that decorating is mostly about cleanliness and organization you'll come to realize that you were already doing it.

With that said there are a few physical objects you might find handy as well. First of all, since this lesson is designed to teach you about decorating a corner bookcase: You're going to need a corner bookcase. You can find a nice corner bookcase at any local furniture store and you can also buy them online. Pick one you like and then set it up. Once you've done that come back to this article.

Step 1

The first step in any decorating process is brainstorming. When you're decorating a room in your house using items on furniture you want everything to kind of blend together and work properly along side one another. You don't want a bookshelf full of action figures in the living room and you don't want a bookcase full of China in the game room, you know what I mean?

Think of the theme you want for the room. What is the room's purpose and what will you be doing while you're in the room? Nail that idea down before you even begin to add anything to the corner bookcase and you'll soon discover just how easy all of this really is.

Step 2

Now that you have the corner bookcase you want and a good idea for how you want the room to look, you're going to need to find some items to put in the bookcase. Corner bookcases are great display cases and you can use them to show off and store just about anything. The trick to adding items to your bookcase is not to overload it. The only item that is allowed to overflow from a bookcase is a book. You can never have too many books but you can definitely have too many knick knacks and keep sakes.

Step 3

Place whatever it is you chose carefully. Spread things apart so that they are not getting in the way of viewing angles and make sure that it looks clean. Remember, once you've placed all of your items up there on that bookcase they are going to start collecting a lot of dust. Keeping your stuff dusted and polished is half the battle with decorating, especially if you're trying to show off the house.

Clean always looks better than dirty. That's just a fact.
You can decorate your corner bookcase with just about anything. I've used potted plants, baby and family photos, comic books, action figures, dolls and teddy bears, and I've even seen someone else who used a corner bookcase to display his collection of international soda bottles.

Just keep in mind that if you want to make your room look good all of the style elements need to work together and play off of one another. Don't put a bunch of junk in a room if it doesn't belong there and make sure that if it does belong there it looks structured, organized, and above all else clean and taken care of.

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