Have you noticed the trend of decorating a home with vinyl custom wall quotes? These quotes come in many (many!) color choices and just about any font you can imagine. Since you can choose any quote you'd like to use, this approach gives you a truly custom decorating touch for any room from your entry way to your bedroom.

Because the vinyl is removable, it's also great for renters who want to decorate the walls and add color to a room but aren't allowed to paint (or don't want to have to fill all those holes when they move out). Not all vinyl quotes are repositionable, but they'll all come off the wall very easily without leaving residue behind. (And if they are repositionable, you can even take them with you when you move!)

Let's take a look at how you can effectively decorate your home with the quote of your choice!

Things You Will Need

A room you'd like to apply the vinyl custom wall quote
An approximate size you'd like the finished quote to be
A quote you'd like to use

Step 1

Your first step when you're going to decorate a room with a vinyl custom wall quote is to choose just one room to work on. (You can certainly order multiple quotes at once, but focus on just one room at a time.) Measure the space in the room where you'd like the quote to fit and write down the measurement. If possible, measure a range because it can be tricky to get a quote to fit a space precisely. Also, remember that bigger definitely has more impact, so if your space can accommodate it, a large font size will look especially dramatic.

Step 2

If you're having trouble deciding where in the room you'd like your vinyl custom wall quotes to adhere, don't overlook places like: a bed headboard or other piece of furniture, doors, glass jars in the kitchen, kitchen cabinets, or even the ceiling. Use your imagination, because the vinyl custom quote will adhere to just about any smooth surface (and it'll be removable).

You can even adhere the quote to a dog bowl or to dining room chairs as labels. I purchased some to put on our wine glasses--not only do the glasses now have a complete quote if you line them up in order ("In vino veritas and tomorrow's headache") but it also makes glass identification really easy for our guests. (Plus, it looks really sophisticated and fun.)

Basically, you're limited only by your imagination, and I know that once you start playing with the ideas a bit, you'll have a lot of fun deciding how to decorate each room with great custom vinyl quotes.

Step 3

Choose a quote appropriate for the room in question. A quote from a favorite movie, or a classic family saying (in our house, "Smell my feet" went around a lot when our kids were little, and since my wife still finds it hilarious, I ordered it for the kitchen--she loves it!) can make perfect wall quotes.

You can also use a classic sentiment like, "I love you to the moon and back" or "Always kiss me goodnight," or "All because two people fell in love," or you might find perfect wall quotes in a favorite book. What I find easiest when choosing the right quote is to brainstorm a list over a day or two instead of expecting to sit down at the computer and think of the perfect thing right on the spot. So, you might find this effective for you too--start writing down all the great things your kids say, the movie lines they repeat, and bits from your favorite books.

Step 4

Play with the ordering website. There are many places where you can order vinyl custom wall quotes, and I've yet to run into a "bad apple" after ordering from many. As you use the ordering site, you'll have choices of fonts, and colors, and you'll also be able to customize the finished size.

Experiment with different font choices and see how the quote you've selected looks in different colors--this is the fun step so make sure to take your time playing! What's great, too, is that most companies don't charge more for fancy wall quotes--rather they charge based exclusively on finished size--so you can really go all out and try out some fun styles.

Step 5

While you're ordering one quote, you might want to order others at the same time--that way you're only paying one shipping charge. One of my wife's favorite use of vinyl custom wall quotes is applying them to all the glass jars she uses in the kitchen (for everything from sugar and flour to cupcake liners). They look great and keep things neat and tidy. We even got a set for the spice rack--it makes it so easy to find the spice I'm looking for when I cook and many friends have asked where we got them. (Our spice jars have glass tops, and we ordered the names in the frosted vinyl finish so it looks really sleek and sophisticated.)

Step 6

After placing your order, you'll have to wait for the custom vinyl wall quotes to arrive (sorry). Once they have arrived, clean the surface you'll be applying them to. This is super important so that they stick properly. So, be thorough and don't rush through the cleaning step!

Step 7

Follow the directions to apply your quotes to the wall (or other surface). To keep things level during the application process, my wife holds the laser level for me as I apply the wall quotes, and you may find this helpful as well. Then, I make sure to smooth all the bubbles out using a shower squeegee (very gently) so that the application is smooth and looks great. I run my hand over them (gently) one last time to make sure that it's well adhered and is going to last a long time up on the wall.
Decorating with custom vinyl wall quotes is a quick and easy way to add extra style and personality to any room in your home. Because they're so easily removable, they're perfect for renters, but they're also a good choice for all of us to add that extra bit of individuality to our space. From the office to the nursery, the kitchen to the bedroom, they can be used to organize spaces (as labels), to remind yourself of a goal (why not post a goal statement right on the bathroom mirror in vinyl--talk about motivating!), or to help you remember to reflect on just how much you love your family. They're easy to apply and look great in just about any space. Plus, they're easy to remove if you ever get tired of them. All in all, custom vinyl wall quotes are a super way to decorate your home!

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