Are you having family and friends over for Christmas this year? Or do you just like to be festive? Decorating for Christmas is fun, and the results can be beautiful and homey looking. Follow these steps to make your home look more festive this holiday season.

Step 1:  Pay Attention to Your Year Round Decor
Look around at your home accessories. What do you have displayed for decorations currently? Do you have plants, artwork, candles, sconces, figurines, photos, pillows, vases, wreaths, silk flowers, throw rugs, towels, potpourri, or a bowl of fruit? Make a mental note of the types of decorations as well as the size of each. This will be important later when you shop for Christmas accessories.

Step2Consider Your Existing Color Scheme
Take a critical look at your color scheme. Do you use cool colors, neutrals, or warm colors when you decorate? Cool colors are usually blues, greens, and purples. Warm colors are usually reds, browns, oranges, and yellows. Neutrals are black, browns, greys, and muted colors. If you decorate with cool colors, use cherry red, mint green, silver, and white Christmas decorations. This will really pop against the cool colors in your home, and it will look exciting and purposeful. If you decorate with warm colors in your home, find decorations in pine green, burgundy red, gold, and cream.  If you decorate with neutrals, you have more flexibility in what colors will work!

Step 3Shop!
Think back to the accessories you have in your home when you go out shopping. Your goal is going to be to temporarily replace them. If you simply buy items blindly and add them without taking your regular accessories away, your home may start to look cluttered instead of decorated. Instead, you want to replace your normal candles with red or green candles. Change out your silk flowers for poinsettias. Try to keep the scale of the items similar as well. If your normal sconces are large, small Christmas ones may look out of place in their stead. And don’t forget the tree!  Make sure it will fit by measuring your ceiling height.  Subtract a foot from this height so you have room for a star or angel at the top.

Step 4:  Swap the Seasonal for the Year Round Accessories
Bring your loot home and start swapping! Pack the regular items away in a closet, and put out your new Christmas items.

Step 5Enjoy 
Enjoy your new festive look!


For easy storage after the holiday season, store the holiday items in the same place where you stored your year round accessories.

Red candles for the Christmas seasonCredit: Copyright 2011 AmberdawnCredit: Copyright 2011 Amberdawn
Christmas table settingCredit: Copyright 2011 AmberdawnCredit: Copyright 2011 Amberdawn
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