Christmas Crafts: Patchwork Ornaments

Making a Country Style Christmas Tree

Decorating for the holidays usually start with your tree. Ready made decorations can be costly, and it's super easy to make your own from some scraps of fabric. A country theme is readily warm and inviting. When you use one design for all the ornaments, changing the look using different fabric patterns and colors, you will be able to make plenty to cover the tree in just one weekend, and the cost would be minimal.

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Decorate your Christmas tree using stuffed patchwork shapes (lights, hearts, tree, star, etc)  then make a few more to fill up with dried lavender for small sachet gifts. If you've got an old quilt that's irreparable, this is an excellent method to make it last. Cut up the usable parts to become tree decorations. If you will be using new fabric, use 100 percent cotton and pre-wash using a little bleach and fabric softener to give it a soft, washed-out look that would add old-quilt quality to each ornament. If you love the look of quilting, you can create these shapes using pre-quilted fabric available in most yard stores. Alternatively, you can just make stuffed patchwork Christmas ornaments decorations without the quilting.

 Step by Step Easy Patchwork Shapes

What you need: a piece of colored printed fabric and a piece of white fabric, each measuring 8 X 12 inches; muslin, 12 by 12 inches; 4 inches 1/4 inch satin ribbon for each ornament;  poly-fill stuffing; tracing paper.

Directions: All measurements include 1/4 inch seam allowance.

1. Measure and mark 12 squares, each 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches on the wrong side of the white fabric (3 rows of 4 squares each).

2. Trace a diagonal line through all squares.

3. Having right sides facing, pin the white fabric to the equal size print fabric.

4. Stitch 1/4 inch on each side of the diagonal lines, through both thicknesses.

5. Cut on each solid line. Press. You would have created 24 squares made from print and white triangles.


To build patchworks: You can set up the squares so the triangles all go in the same direction or in various directions.

1. With right sides facing, stitch 2 squares together on one side edge. Then, join another square in the same manner.

2. Create 8 rows of 3 squares each.

3. Having the right sides facing, stitch 2 rows together along the bottom edge. Keep on joining the rows in this way. Press.


To create Christmas lights shapes: Trace a bulb shape and cut out.

Tip: A bulb-shaped cardboard can be utilized to draw a uniformed pattern.

(Do the same with any other shape you wish to make)

1. Pin the pattern to the muslin. Cut 1 for each ornament.

2. Pin the pattern to the patchwork. Cut 1 for each ornament.


Finishing: having right sides facing, pin the patchwork top to the muslin backing piece. Stitch all around, but leave the top center open for turning and stuffing.

1. Clip along the seam allowance and turn right side out and stuff firmly.

2. Fold the ribbon in half to produce a hanging loop and tuck the raw ends into the center of the top. Close the opening using slipstitch. You may make a small bow and stitch or glue it at this spot.

For additional country filler and to make a lushly decorated Christmas tree, use pinking shears to cut strips of either muslin or the fabric utilized for the ornaments, and tie bows on branches between the hearts. Add clusters of dried baby's breath as well.

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