A Christmas tree is the centerpiece of Christmas day. They come in different sizes, real and fake, and therefore different colors. You can choose trimmings that fit the style and decor of your home. But did you know there is a correct order to decorating it? Follow these tips to decorating your tree.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You’ll Need:
•    A tree
•    Lights
•    Garland (or ribbon)
•    Ornaments
•    Star or angel tree topper
•    Tinsel


Step 1
Put up your tree in a spot that you like. Do you want your neighbors to see your festive side? You might want to put it in a window. If this is not feasible, tucking it into the corner of a room can conserve space. For a real tree you'll want to put a tree skirt that coordinates with your holiday decor over the stand and secure the base of the trunk into the stand. Check the water level regularly.

Step 2
Put on lights next. If your decor is mostly neutral or warm colors, you might choose white lights. For a modern look, if you have a fake white, black, or pink tree, try blue lights. For maximum color, choose colored lights. Whatever your style, the lights should go on first. If you put them on after the ornaments, the wire will pull against them so they won't hang freely, or they could even fall and break.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree that Reflects your StyleCredit: Amberdawn 2011Step 3
Drape garland around the tree. Again, garland comes in different colors. The most common are gold, which looks nice in a home with warm colors in the decor, or silver for a home that is decorated with cooler colors. The reason why this goes after the lights is again, so the wire doesn't pull on and distort the shape you tried to achieve when you draped it carefully.

Step 4
Put a star or angel on top. You'll want to do this now because if you reach over the ornaments you could knock them down, and if you lean over the tinsel you'll end up wearing it!

Step 5
Hang ornaments. Some people have antique ornaments that are handed down from generation to generation. If you have these, enjoy the family ties this brings to your Christmas morning. If you need to purchase your ornaments, decide on up to 3 colors and/or styles you want to stick with. For a traditional tree, you might choose white, silver, and gold. Or you might choose red, gold, and silver. The shapes might be balls, tapered, and bells. By limiting your choices to 3, your tree will look well planned.

Step 6
Finally, hang the tinsel. Pinch off about 3 to 5 strands to drape over the tip of a branch. Repeat this process over and over. Take a few steps back after every 10 or so branches to make sure the overall look is balanced, and you aren't putting too much tinsel in one area of the tree and neglecting other areas.

Step 7
Plug in the lights and oooooh and ahhhhhh. Happy holidays!

More Tips:

•  Don't buy your tree more than 2 weeks before Christmas, because they will dry out and pose a fire hazard with the lights.
•  Check water levels frequently so your tree doesn't dry out and pose a fire hazard. Every year there are some families who suffer a house fire at the worst possible time; the holidays. Don't become a statistic!