A gender neutral nursery comes in handy if you don't know the sex of your baby. You might want to get a kick start on decorating before you find out the gender of the child. Stores like Land of Nod and Babies 'R' Us carry similar products.

Choose an Animal-Based Theme

Animal based themes can work for boys or girls. There are all different types, from using one animal (such as a dog) or including the whole jungle. This allows you to bring in green murals of leaves and colorful plush mobiles. In nature, you'll rarely see the traditional blue and pink colors, so this can be a way to bring in a traditional theme that's still neutral.

Draw Inspiration from Retro Items

Retro decor focuses on bright oranges and lime greens. You can make it more modern with chocolate brown accents. You can even get a mobile made out of different stained wood tones. The animals for this design style don't have a lot of details, so the focus is on exaggerated silhouettes.

Choose Substantial Furniture

Wood furniture can work for either boys or girls. Lighter tones can seem masculine while darker ones are feminine. You can always balance this by the wall color you choose. You can also just go for a mid-tone of wood stain. Skip lots of details or carvings because this can seem feminine. Instead, the crib should be a basic slat design. Even if you have a bassinet, it can still be gender neutral if you skip the long skirt. Then, go for a more masculine color of wicker such as black to balance the feminine silhouette.

Bring in Multi-Color Bedding

Multi color bedding gives you an opportunity to select from several tones for your wall color. This could be a plaid design or a retro polka dot. You can also get tree or sun inspiration that will still be in a basic color palette.

Paint the Walls a Gender Neutral Color

The basic gender neutral colors for a baby are green and yellow. You can also venture out into the neutral colors for interior design. These include gray, white, brown, black and orange. Pastel colors would usually seem feminine, but they're so popular in nursery design that you can get away with a lighter color. You can bring in traditional pink or blue accents as long as there are a few of these tones in the bedding design. Then, you can incorporate classic baby items that you might get as gifts.

Hang Fun Artwork

There are a few basic designs of art that can work for a baby boy or girl. Look for alphabet cards that you can frame. These can also act as a learning tool later on. You can also buy embroider or paint a growth chart. This becomes a sentimental item where you can mark off your child's progress. Another option is to use your child's handprint or footprint on a colorful canvas for a personal addition.