A modern dining room is a good option if you're short on space or cash. This still gives you a cohesive style while focusing on simplicity. Stores like Urban Outfitters and Design Within Reach carry contemporary furnishings. When decorating a modern dining room, keep the following tips in mind:

Pick Retro Style Chairs

A retro style chair is going to be smaller in size with fewer details. It might have a low back and straight legs. You'll want to go with a high quality wood such as teak. The seat can feature a woven or wood design. Wood furniture adds warmth to a modern room which can sometimes feel stark with all of the black, white and metal elements. However, wood is still a neutral tone.

Consider a Mixed Media Table

A table can use combinations of metal, glass and wood. This will relate back to your chairs while brining in a new material. Look for a simple rectangle or round shape. A round table can use a pedestal style for simplicity. Make sure that you use whatever metal tone is on the table for your light fixture for cohesion. The details really show up in a modern dining room because it is so sparse. This can be black, stainless steel or chrome.

Accessorize with Oversized Artwork

The artwork can be the focal point of your room. You might want to go with a canvas or giclee print instead of just a basic poster. It can also have a sense of humor if you use plaster or cardboard animal trophies.

Bring in White Dinnerware

Modern dinnerware should be simple. Look for oversized white platters and serving pieces. You can also change up the shape with square plates and bowls which add a sculptural element to the dining experience. The flatware should feature a chrome or steel finish with minimal embellishments. Glassware can be contemporary with a square shape or just by going with a clear glass mug instead of a traditional porcelain variety.

Skip the Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers can feel too formal and traditional. Instead, try out a more casual paper or shell design. If you don't have any dramatic elements in the space, this can be the one over the top piece that gets all the attention. Go for a tiered design with different levels of shells. If you already have a foal point, such as large artwork, then try out a small pendant or series of pendants. Any type of glass shade will work for these light fixtures whether it's clear, frosted or tinted.

Add in Storage

The key to a modern room is that it should remain uncluttered. You might want to have a credenza to hide away your dishes or serving pieces. This should have a retro style with simple sliding doors. Another option should be to go with a taller bookcase. Modern bookcases don't take up as much space because the furniture isn't as wide. It can also feature cubes or square shelves instead of basic rectangles.