Would you like to know how to decorate a room, but you’re just not interested in changing the wall color?  If you want to open the door to your home and love what you see every time, some careful planning you can make this a reality.  Here are some things you can do just like a professional home decorator if you want to know how to decorate. 

Step 1
Decide on the purpose of each room before you decorate. Don't start buying things until you have an idea of what you need in the room! For instance, you might find a sale on gorgeous sconces. But if you have no purpose in mind for them, they will end up taking up space. A home decorator needs to plan BEFORE they shop.

Step 2
Take a careful look at the color of your walls when deciding how to decorate. Some home decorator professionals say to stick with 3 colors to be the focus of your room. Since the wall color is the most prominent one already in your room, pick 2 colors that look nice with it that make you feel like you want to live with for a few years or more.

Step 3
Think about your largest purchases next. The biggest investment that you not likely replace very often is your flooring. Whether you prefer tile, carpet, laminate, or hard wood, do not compromise on the flooring you purchase. For me, I waited months for a store-wide sale to crop up and then I went with my favorite for my room. This way I saved some money, and I got the look I loved.

Step 4
Now think of a material that you would like your furniture to feature. This might be a wood tone such as cherry, pine, or ebony. Or if you prefer industrial or modern styles this might be a metal finish or plastic color. When it comes times to buy furniture, most home decorator experts will tell you it doesn't all have to match perfectly as in be from the same set. But most rooms benefit from having a theme featured when it comes to the type and color of the material.

Step 5
Accessorize! Look for mirrors, artwork, lamps, and sconces that match the material you chose in step 3 or the colors you chose in step 2.

Step 6
Above all, have fun when you decorate a room. Hopefully these steps take out some of the guesswork, but they shouldn't make you feel limited or afraid to decorate. If you break one or two rules because you found something you MUST have, to decorate your room then enjoy it. When it comes to art, broken rules can lead to even more interesting and beautiful design. Good luck learning how to decorate!

How to Decorate a Room Without Paint
Credit: Copyright 2011 Amberdawn