Around the Christmas holiday season, it is commonplace for your Christmas tree, fireplace mantel, and the walls of your home to unknowingly become the heart of just about all the Christmas decorating attention. Directly visible by all jolly passerbyes, all to often it is really quite easy to neglect the value of decorating your windows with festive holiday ornaments. With just the right blend of creativity, imagination, and motivated Christmas spirit, you can easily turn your home windows into a brilliant work of art masterpiece that is adorned with as many (or as few) ornaments as you would like.

Follow this Info Barrel article in order to learn how to best decorate a window with Christmas ornaments. In this case, your final product will be only limited by the degree of imagination and creativity you apply.

Things You Will Need

  • a Window
  • Windex/Window Cleaning Spray
  • a Cloth or Used T-Shirt (for Cleaning Your Window)
  • Hammer and Nails (or) Tape and Clear Thread or Fishing Line
  • Christmas Colored Ribbon
  • Your Favorite Christmas Ornaments (Plastic, Metal, Felt)

Step 1

When beginning to decorate a window, it is important that you first pick the window that you would like to decorate. While some houses may have a plethora of windows that span even just the first floor, it is first important that you pick just one window to decorate so that you effectively hone your efforts. The largest, most visible and centralized window may be the best place to begin decorating simply because of the great view that can be had by carolers and general passerbyes. Once you have completed decorating your focal window, you can easily branch off to other, smaller, windows in your home.

Step 2

If you plan to decorate your home windows with festive Christmas ornaments on your own, then you only need to work in your activities around your own time. Fortunately, Christmastime window decorating can be a great way to involve family and friends in the decorating process. After they make felt ornaments, your children may become very excited to expand their decorating endeavors beyond your Christmas tree and fireplace mantel. Whenever you can involve your children in any activity, especially around the holidays, they will inherently gain a sense of joy and fulfillment from contributing to an activity that could quickly become rather traditional. A filthy window can detract from the beautiful and appealing state that we hope to achieve with our Christmas window ornaments. In this step of this Info Barrel article, you should strongly consider using Windex or a general all purpose cleaning solution in order to clean off the windows that you will be decorating.

Step 3

With accumulated dirt and crumminess from the previous 11 months of the year, windows can be inherently less-than-presentable. While you may have religiously cleaned your house windows every week throughout the year, other home owners may have become so involved in the business of each day that a thorough window cleaning may actually not occur until Christmastime. Thoroughly cleaning your windows can provide a solid, welcoming, foundation that will make your Christmas decoration ornaments that much more appealing to those who pass bye. In this case, instant seasonal curb appeal can had just by simply investing a little time into cleaning.

Rally up your family and they can help you clean your windows, as well. Young children, however, should be supervised and should not handle liquid solutions like Windex or all-purpose cleaner.

Step 4

Before you actually hang your Christmas window ornaments, you will want to determine how exactly you want to hang them. While some may prefer to use a simple hammer and nails in which to hang their ornaments from, others prefer a much less 'invasive' technique of actually taping a fishing line or clear thread to the window frame. Opting for the previous technique, of course, will keep you from inundating your wooden window frame with a plethora of unwelcomed holes.

Although many wood frame holes will be created, one benefit of using a hammer and nails is the fact that this technique can typically hold heavier weighted Christmas window ornaments than using clear thread or fishing line. The clear thread or fishing line technique can be used primarily to suspend ornaments that have less weight. Such Christmas ornaments may include light snow flakes or felt ornaments. Of course, the strength of your line will also be related to the strength of tape you use. Duct tape will hold more firmly than, say, Scotch brand tape.

Step 5

Dependent upon the window ornament decoration look and feel that you hope to embrace, you can hang your ornaments in a variety of ways. While you may choose to hang all your ornaments, with ribbon, at the same length, you may also consider staggering them. When you stagger your ornaments, this means that some will be hung at different lengths than others. Doing this can give a great effect and added dimension to your window. Felt ornaments, made like snowflakes, can be staggered quite nicely in order to simulate the random nature of snowfall.

Step 6

Christmas colored ribbon variations can be used in order to hang your ornaments from your nails, fishing line, or clear thread. Generally speaking, red or green colored ribbon can work great, while white ribbon can also effectively embrace the theme of the season while actually concealing the ribbon quite a bit when viewed from a distance. Hang your Christmas ribbon from various lengths and simply attach your ornaments.

As you can see from this Info Barrel article, dec0rating your window with Christmas ornaments can be a great, fun, and engaging activity that you can involve your entire family in. While this Info Barrel article didn't necessarily cover Christmas ornament decoration creation, creating felt ornaments can also be a fun activity to involve your children into.

Tips & Warnings

If the top of your window is very high up, be sure to use a ladder and apply any safety precautions necessary. Because of the general instability of ladders, a great job for a family member may be to hold or brace the ladder while you climb up it to decorate. As you escalate the ladder to decorate, be sure that you do so cautiously. If your ladder has a flip down tray at the top (like a painter would use to hold their paint), you can use that area to keep a small box of decorations that you will have easy access to. Doing this can keep you from having to climb up and down your ladder multiple times.

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