For a fresh take on Christmas decorating, why not try a whimsical style?

So what exactly does 'whimsical' mean?

Whimsical is derived from the word 'whimsy', which essentially means, playful or fanciful. Whimsical conjures up colorful, animated images that are creative and non-traditional.

Whimsical Christmas Ornaments Example

This whimsical style is quickly becoming the new trend in Christmas decorating. No longer are colors bound by traditional red, white and green. Although they can be used, shades of blues, pinks and purples can be added as well. White also plays a major role, especially when used as the foundation for color. For example, instead of using green garland to decorate the mantle this year, why not try white? You can find white garland at most hobby and craft stores. Mix glittery and matte ornaments of different sizes and colors for a fresh, updated look.

White Boa Garland

Another idea is to trim the tree using ribbon or fabric. Using a flexible wire ribbon that is not necessarily made for Christmas is a good start. Tulle and fabric in vibrant colors against a green tree is beautiful. Or, if you like tinsel, you can now easily find it in white or other colors. For even more fun, use a boa or two to decorate the tree, garland, or just about anything that you can drape it over!

Shapes also play a big role when using a whimsical decorating style. Polka dots, stripes, swirls, and non-traditional paisley all contribute to the style. Look for ornaments with these shapes on them in a variety of colors. Or, take your existing solid colored ornaments and paint new whimsical designs by hand using acrylic paint. For example, take a solid red ball and paint white polka dots on it. Or takesolid green ball and paint purple swirls on it, and top the swirls with purple glitter.


Whimsical Christmas Stocking ExampleWhimsical Christmas Tree TopperLollypop Christmas Decoration

Whimsical Christmas decorating is everywhere…on stockings, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and as themes for Christmas trees. The cheerful colors and patterns make for an informal yet inviting environment. There are many online sites that now offer a wide variety of decorations at great prices. For the best possible price, wait until after Christmas to do your shopping, when everything is on sale.

The best thing about decorating in a whimsical style is that there is no right or wrong way to decorate. The more creative and colorful, the better! Don't be afraid to experiment.