Porch and Patio Halloween Decorations

Halloween Front Porch Decoration Ideas

When Halloween rolls around you can go all out with your decorations or take the more subtle route. If you are for subtlety then learn how to decorate the front porch or patio for Halloween. This can offer you, the neighbors, and any little trick-or-treat guests the benefit of your Fall and Halloween festivity. If you remember when you were young and going around trick-or-treating and how the decorated houses gave the night ambiance even though you did not know the word. Here are some Halloween front porch decorating ideas.

Halloween Porch Ideas

If you want an awesomely decorated porch or patio this Halloween then follow a few of these decorating ideas. Do not let the porch decorating for Halloween overwhelm you because it is supposed to be fun. Whether you have a big or small space you can still decorate the porch on your home, apartment, condo, or trailer. One way to get decorating ideas for the porch is to start from the bottom and go to the top. Front porch Halloween decor can be fun, scary, creepy, and a combination of decorations. There are plenty of Halloween decoration ideas that do not include skulls and mangled meat men. You can choose one or all of these Halloween porch decorations:

  • Put out a Halloween welcome mat. Check places like the Dollar Store for inexpensive Halloween welcome mats. You can also check for harvest or fall welcome mats for seasonal decorations and keep it through Thanksgiving.
  • Use Thanksgiving decorations. For those who want to decorate for fall without having to change their decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, use neutral fall decor. This includes pumpkins, leaves, turkeys, black cats, and eventually snowmen, etc. If you are going to decorate the front porch or patio fill it with Thanksgiving and a combination of holiday decorations rather than just one. Using outdoor holiday lights is an easy way. You can also decorate the porch area by painting gourds.
  • Buy a Halloween or Fall flag. Hang this on your porch. There is a variety, so you can get a nice one. A great Halloween flag is the Happy Halloween Black Cat flag. It is one of the best sellers for Halloween patio decorations.
  • Make ghosts. You can buy Halloween ghost stakes at Walgreens for $2. With these you make ghosts and then stick a metal post in the ground, potted plants, etc. You can use them to bend around something like a rail and make the ghosts fly.
  • Hang LED Halloween lights. If you do nothing but get Halloween lights that is plenty. There are LED Halloween lights, orange Halloween lights, ghost lights, spider lights, skeleton lights, pumpkin lights, and probably more. Using LED lights for Halloween or Christmas is smarter because they last longer. These lights are brighter as well. You can also buy solar powered lights to decorate the porch.
  • If you have a rocking chair then you can put a skeleton or scarecrow decoration in it. Using witches works, too. Put the skeleton or witch in the rocking chair. You can get one of the motion sensor or remote control Halloween decorations to put in the chair. If you use one of those then when someone walks by you can make it move and scare them or it can move on its own. If you are going for a haunted house porch then using the remote Halloween decorations work well.
  • Buy Halloween plastic yard bags for leaves. There are pumpkin bags, pumpkin man bags, and more. Depending on how many tree leaves fall in your yard, the pumpkin bags can make a nice and useful decoration. If you have kids then perhaps it'll be a motivator for them to rake those leaves.
  • Build a huge Halloween spider web. These gigantic, creepy, crawly, gross spiders are available in most stores as Halloween decorations. One type of Halloween spider web is called "Creepy Spider Web" and it looks like a big circular web. You can use a corner area, window, railing, or a door to create this scary spider Halloween patio decoration.
  • Use Halloween window decals to decorate the front porch. Halloween window decals are in most stores and online. They come in spiders, pumpkins, bats, skeletons, and other types of decorative Halloween decals.
  • Hang Halloween bats from the porch ceiling.
  • Hang an animated prop on the front door. There are many animated Halloween props to choose from, big or small.
  • Lay solar Halloween decorations on the porch or on a walkway to the porch or patio. There are many solar powered lights, decorations, tiki torches and other ways to create a ghoulish, Halloween walkway to the patio.
  • Set a skeleton on the porch. This lighted skeleton is a top seller in Home Decor at Amazon. The Sinister Skull with Lantern is a good sized decoration. It is not too big and the lantern puts out a small amount of light to make it looking like it glows.

If you do not want to go out and buy single Halloween porch decorations then you can buy a decorating kit. Decorating the porch or patio for Halloween does not have to be a huge event. If you want to decorate the front porch for Halloween just to bring festivity to your home or the neighborhood then carve a pumpkin and put up some LED lights.

Carve Pumpkins as Porch Decorations

There are amazing pumpkin carving templates and stencils so people can carve the most intricate pumpkins. Vary the size of your front porch pumpkin decorations. Most people simply put one pumpkin or perhaps one for each family member. This year use a corner of the porch to create a pumpkin patch. Use different sizes of pumpkin, including the small gourds. The are many ways to decorate pumpkins instead of carving them, so you do not have to carve them all. But you can use pumpkin carving tools to make awesome carved pumpkins. You will have a simple orange gourd turned into a Halloween decoration masterpiece. You can get cheap pumpkin carving tools at Walgreens.

Whether or not you are giving out Halloween candy or something healthy instead, use a fun bowl for the kids. Find a motion sensor Halloween candy bowl. When the kids reach in to grab candy there is a skeleton face that jumps out to bite the hand. It makes noises and moves suddenly. It will give them a jolt, but it is a fun Halloween prop. Random Halloween decorations like that usually make for a few good laughs.

Front Porch Decorating Tips for Halloween

Make sure that all of your Halloween decorations on the porch are safe. Although solar Halloween lights are safer it is always important to check other decorations that use electricity. Do not overpower your outlets. If you want to save money on Halloween decorations then buy them after its over. There are great after Halloween sales in most stores so they can make room for their Thanksgiving then Christmas decorations. Halloween decor for outside, inside, plus costumes and candy will be discounted so you can find cheap decorations for Halloween and even some to use for Thanksgiving.

If you are going to decorate the front porch for Halloween and take kids trick-or-treating remember to buy some reflective tape to put on the kids when they are out walking. Always be safe on Halloween. Finally, if you are decorating for a Halloween party then institute a rule about driving after drinking. When someone has been at your Halloween party they become your legal liability. Don't mix law and Halloween.

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