When decorating your home, you should always consider the dinning room as this area plays an important role in a well designed and comfy home. It is worthwhile to devote the necessary attention to the measurements of this area, as well as the color of the walls and the furniture to buy if you want to guarantee a pleasant and tasteful eating experience.   There are many designs and varieties of dinning areas; although this is commonly overlooked by people focusing on the kitchen and living room in search of increasing the value of your property but forgetting the comfort of the family and friends.


The decor of your the dining room is influenced by the square meters available; which affects the choice of the table, cupboard and chairs. Here are some key tips to decorate this space with style:


1) Get your inspiration in the latest trends to combine styles, colors and different furniture and accessories (buy some decorating magazines and consult interior designer experts if needed).

2) Avoid cluttering by placing your possessions in strategic places and providing enough space for people to walk.

3) Light is essential for a welcoming space; natural or artificial light in your house will also make your house more appealing if you ever decide to put your house on the market.

4) Plan in advance: take your time to prepare a design on paper before distributing all the furniture.

5) Prepare a scale plan and test all possible options – lines of movements (walking area) must be well defined and not blocked by any object (paper or real life)

6) Play with contrasts: not all your furniture needs to be from the same period or style; combine a modern dining table with neo-classical chairs; however, do not buy before you prepare your design. If possible, go to the store and place one of the chairs near the table you want to buy; does it work? If it does then you can buy them.

7) Combine, combine and combine; for example, if you like the colonial style; a wooden table could be easily combined with rattan or bamboo chairs.

8) Play with versatility when selecting the table, chairs and other furniture; if you have a small dinning room then look for furniture that will provide extra space to keep plates and cutlery (e.g.: extendable table).

9) If the area is too small or dark then play with neutral or white colors to reduce the visual perception of enclosure, also try to buy clear-glass plates as they add an additional feeling of a bright space without overloading the physical space.

10) A minimalistic style and cluttered free room is always attractive; especially in a busy room such as the eating area.

11) If you have enough space you can always buy a few fashionable stools.

12) There are spectacular and affordable designer tables nowadays; look for a trendy or a retro style design.

13) Small dinning room? Buy a rounded table; slightly bigger? Buy a rectangular table.

14) If your dinning room is part of a larger space such as the kitchen, then use something like a rug to define and differentiate the space.