How to Decorate your Fish Tank(48594)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Do you have fish, or plan to get some? Learning how to decorate your fish tank increases the beauty of your room, as well as provides stimulation for them. Having a few fish aquarium supplies can simulate their natural environment in a way that an empty tank just doesn't. In addition, your fish tank décor can be an extension of the décor in your room.  So if you'd like to learn how to decorate your fish tank read on!
How to Decorate your Fish Tank(48597)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Select gravel. Gravel is one of the most important fish aquarium supplies so that their waste and excess food do not end up floating around where they swim. Additionally, when you choose gravel to decorate your fish tank you should select a color that complements the color pattern of the room where you will keep your fish tank. Use natural looking gravel for a traditional style room, or fluorescent colors so that your fish tank décor coordinates with a modern home.

How to Decorate your Fish Tank(48593)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Choose plants. You can use fake plants available even fish aquarium supplies sections of shopping centers, that they will like to "hide" in from time to time. Or use live ones that decorate your fish tank as well as help purify the water and provide food for the fish. I used to worry that the fish would just eat the plants and I'd have to replace them often, but actually, the plants keep growing back! When you select plants, choose varying heights and leaf shapes. This will give your aquarium depth and dimension. Put taller plants in the back, and smaller plants toward the front. I would choose 2 or 3 varieties, depending on the size of your tank, and buy at least 2 of each plant to create a balanced look for you fish tank décor.

How to Decorate your Fish Tank(48600)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Select a background.  The backgrounds available at most fish aquarium supplies stores are simply on a roll, like wallpaper.  They come in standard heights, and you cut the length you need to decorate your fish tank.  These are traditionally underwater background scenes, typically in blue.  However if you want your fish tank décor to match the décor in a room that has warm or neutral tones, I recommend you look for a background that has mostly brown rocks. 

Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Hand-Held Vacuum CleanerAdd accessories. For a whimsical tank, a "deep sea diver" or "No fishing" sign are popular fish aquarium supplies. For a traditional style fish tank décor, there are beautiful varieties of rock that you can select such as, Greek columns, or castles. Like with the plants, pay attention to the height and size of your accessories when you decorate your fish tank to create a balanced look.
How to Decorate your Fish Tank(48596)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Don't forget the fish! If you already have them, you're all set. But the best way to decorate your fish tank is to add the fish in LAST. Any time you introduce new fish aquarium supplies to a tank you run the risk of causing stress to the fish, or introducing germs and diseases to the water. And from a decorative standpoint, the fish are the ultimate decoration when it comes to your tank. Again, choose varying sizes, shapes, and colors of fish that you enjoy. Just be sure to check with the salesmen about how many of each that they recommend, which varieties live together in harmony, what area of the tank (top, middle, or bottom) that they inhabit, and the number of fish your tank's size can handle. Good luck with your fish tank decor!