Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Or do you just like to be festive? Decorating for Thanksgiving can be a lot of fun, and the results can be beautiful and cozy looking. I should know, my home is filled with fall colors year-round! Follow these steps to make your home look more seasonal this fall, and festive for Thanksgiving.

Things You'll Need:
• Decorations in red, brown, orange, yellow, and green


How to decorate for ThanksgivingCredit: Paul L. Nettles @ around at your home accessories. What do you have displayed for decorations currently? Do you have artwork, mirrors, candles, plants, sconces, figurines, photos, vases, wreaths, silk flowers, pillows, throw rugs, potpourri, towels, or a bowl of fruit? Make a note of the types of decorations you tend to use on an everyday basis and make a mental note of the size of each. This will be important later when you shop for fall accessories.

How to decorate for Thanksgiving(54611)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Notice your color scheme. Do you use warm colors, neutrals, or cool colors when you decorate? Warm colors are usually reds, browns, oranges, and yellows. Neutrals are black, browns, greys, and muted colors. Fall colors go easily with warm colors and neutrals, so if you use these colors, typically colored fall and Thanksgiving decorations will blend in well with your home.  Cool colors are usually blues, greens, and purples.  If you decorate with cool colors, you have a challenge, but it can be done! My advice is to stick with a single fall color, such as pumpkin orange. This will really pop against the cool colors in your home, and it will look exciting and purposeful. Adding too many other warm fall colors will just look too busy and clash.

How to decorate for Thanksgiving(54608)Credit: sweet Clementine @! Think back to the accessories you have in your home when you go out shopping. Your goal is going to be to temporarily replace them. If you simply buy items blindly and add them without taking your regular accessories away, your home may start to look cluttered instead of decorated. Instead, you want to replace your normal candles with red or orange candles. Change out your silk flowers for fall bouquets. Try to keep the scale of the items similar as well. If your normal sconces are large, small fall ones may look out of place in their stead.

Splurge a little. The main goal of shopping for Thanksgiving decorations is to temporarily place your existing accessories. However, if you see a leafy swag that you like, and you know just the spot for it, go for it!

How to decorate for Thanksgiving(54610)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Bring your loot home and start swapping! Pack the regular items away in a closet, and put out your new fall items. Enjoy your festive look! For more Thanksgiving information, I've included tips below. Good luck!


Tips & Warnings
• Splurge a little. Although most of your shopping should be with the intention of replacing your current accessories, if you see a leafy swag or something else that looks festive and you can think of just the place to put it, go for it!
• Have fun!