Keeping your cholesterol under control is a very complicated thing to do for a lot of people. At least when they first start it is, it is almost like cholesterol is some magical thing you only hear of in the news. However, when you start to need to watch your own cholesterol then you start to realize that everything around you is jam-packed with the stuff!


Take heart in the fact that you do not need to never eat your favorite foods again to decrease your cholesterol. It is sometimes as simple as balancing out your cholesterol intake with something to counter balance it, more on that later. So while some people get depressed when reducing their cholesterol because they think it's the end of their favorite types of foods, you will know its just a matter of portions and time.


Get Rid of Bad Fats

It was once thought that both your trans fats and the saturated fats increased your bad cholesterol levels. Anymore though it is known that saturated fats aren't as bad for you as originally thought, or at least as bad for you as trans fats. Trans fats are used to make food stay good for longer since it is cheaper to make trans fats than it is to ship fresh food all over the place. Trans fats have been thoroughly researched and have shown that they increase LDL and decrease HDL. If you don't know, this is the exact opposite of what you want to do. That is why if you have any choice of one fat to avoid, it should be trans fats.


More Vegetables

Vegetables mainly will give your body with what is called phytosterols. This substance goes to the gastrointestinal tract and is absorbed in the place of cholesterol. This leaves the cholesterol to simply leave the body in the form of excrement. So just by eating plenty of vegetables you can have your body ignore some of the cholesterol you have to ingest.


Eat More Fiber

Fiber is a wonderful thing because it does almost the same thing as vegetables except with a little twist. It will attach itself to the cholesterol and keep it from being absorbed. This will allow it to simply pass through your body without doing harm to it. Some foods that contain fiber are; oats, porridge, and wheat.



There are some supplements out there that can help give you a boost in decreasing your cholesterol. I can only really suggest that you visit and ask your doctor about their uses. This is because a lot of them can become quite dangerous if not used properly or if you are not properly hydrated while using them. If this sounds like too much then try using the diet changes above, if not then make sure you read the label and listen to your doctor!