At one point we thought cholesterol was bad for us. While we were correct, now we understand that there are two types. The good and the bad. We can take steps to cut our bad, and increase the good.


Most processed foods that we consume contain what is called trans fats. These trans fats are used to keep food fresher for longer. It is a cheap way for companies to make all their products in one part of the country and ship it to the others and not making it fresh everywhere. These trans fats are now known to cause very high LDL cholesterol levels. This is why you should avoid trans fats when possible.


Raise HDL Cholesterol

Your body has two different kinds of cholesterol that we know of now. There is the good kind which is known as HDL, then the bad kind which is LDL. Simply by having higher HDL cholesterol it will naturally lower your LDL. The HDL basically pushes the LDL into your liver so that it can be processed and ejected from your body.


Regular Exercise

I know a lot of people don't like to hear this but, exercising regularly really does help. Exercise will help to increase HDL by about 10% on average within the month. This is of course for people don't normally exercise will see those gains. Since we already know that HDL lowers LDL then this is a great but indirect way of reducing your LDL cholesterol.



By simply changing your diet around a bit you can also further cut your LDL cholesterol. For example, by cutting out some red meat, cheese, and eggs. Then replacing them with more raw vegetables and fruit you can drastically lower your LDL cholesterol. One of the most important dieting aspects though is that you include some omega 3 fatty acids. These are found in fish oil and is commonly used to cut bad cholesterol along with triglyceride levels. You can eat fish and get some of the fish oil your body will need. Eating supplements for the fish oil is much more cost-effective and will make it so that you don't need to eat fish every night.



Most people try to avoid getting any type of cholesterol medication and for good reason. There are some serious side effects associated with cholesterol medication. However, if you have a really bad LDL problem then you should seek the aid of your doctor and use your medicine along with these other techniques at least until it gets under control. Always remember to consult with your doctor every step of the way too!