How to Clean a Plastic Shower Curtain

It seems like such a task to get a plastic shower curtain truly clean. Most of the time, you probably end up just throwing it out and buying a new one. This article will teach you a really, really easy way to get your plastic shower curtain clean like new again...almost! Don't go buy that new shower curtain just yet, because you will be surprised with the clean results.

What you will need:

* A bath towel

* Dirty plastic shower curtain

* Wash machine

* Laundry Detergent


Step1. Take your shower curtain off of the rings and carry it to the wash machine. It may help to let it dry out first if you have showered recently. It will just save you from cleaning up a wet mess across your floor later.

Step 2. Start your wash machine on hot and set it for a large load then add in enough detergent for a large load.

Step 3. Get out one or two large bath towels and add them to the wash machine along with your shower curtain. Be sure to spread out the shower curtain as much as you can so it doesn't bunch up in the wash. Get it even on all sides of the washer.

Step 4. Close up your wash machine and let it run through its normal cycle. The hot water and detergent, along with the bath towels being used to sort of scrubber on the shower curtain as it washes, will really get all of that built up grime off.

Step 5. Pull out the shower curtain when the washer is done, and hang it back up in the shower, on the hooks, to dry. It should be free of hard water stains and soap scum buildup.