Tactical flashlights have been used by the military and law enforcement for decades. Tactical flashlights can also be great tools for self defense. Many lights are compact, durable, and incredibly bright, making them easy to carry, reliable, and can temporarily stun and disable a would be attacker. The following steps below provide an introduction into how to use a tactical light for self-defense but readers are encouraged to take self-defense classes for a well-rounded education in defending one's self.

Things You Will Need

Just some common sense and open mind.

Step 1

Select a reliable tactical light.
There are a variety of tactical light models. Here are some important things to look for in selecting the best light for you. Durability and brightness, often measured in lumens, are probably the most critical. The Surefire brand makes many models out of anodized aluminum, a very tough metal, which will withstand serious abuse. The brightest tactical lights usually have a high intensity bulb that is powered by lithium batteries. Another feature that is beneficial in a light used for self-defense is a serrated edge around the light.

Step 2

Keep the Light With You at All Times
Most tactical lights are small and light weight and easily fit into carrying bags or can be held while jogging. Many models may also be carried on flights, although models with a serrated edge might not be allowed in carry on luggage.

Step 3

Save Your Battery Power and Lightbulbs
While tactical lights are handy for everyday activities these ultra-bright lights will run down their expensive lithium batteries quickly. Make sure you have plenty of blinding power for critical moments.

Step 4

Hold the Light in Your Fist
If you feel threatened hold the light in your fist with the light on the opposite end from your thumb. Most good tactical lights can be activity easily in this position from the end of the light with your thumb.

Step 5

Be Proactive
Deter an attack before it happens by exuding confidence in your walk and by making eye contact. If your approached and feel threatened yell with confidence and volume rather than screaming in fear. Yell phrases such as "Get back" and "911."

Step 6

Don't Be Afraid to Use Your Light
If an assailant is not deterred at this point and approaches within a few feet hold the light up in the fisted position and shine it directly in their eyes, while yelling or using a loud audio alarm devise. Your tactical light should stun the assailant. Use the light end of the flashlight to stike the assailant in the forehead, chest, or even hands. This can cause substantial pain and let the assailant know that you are not a victim. This is particularly effective with a serrated light.

Step 7

Withdraw From the Situation at the First Opportunity
As soon as you are able run away, find a public place, and call the police. Try to be as observant as possible at all times and report what you can to the police.

Step 8

Find a self-defense class in your area.
While prevention is the best possible way to avoid an assault, a tactical flashlight can offer a valuable tool for self-defense.

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