It was very common for people in the 1960s to think that they could become whatever they wanted to be. Since that time it has been learned that skills and talents people have come naturally and some are developed. When we define leadership, it can be looked at in the same regard.

If you think that there are born leaders, you need to take into consideration on how you define leadership. If you define leadership as the ability to get the top spot in a company, group, or country, you are thinking of the means to dominate.

There can be ways that people learn how to do this, but domination is not so different than animal instincts. A wolf in a pack that wants to prove Alpha status will compete his way to the top.

Humans may use other means to compete with others, such as intelligence; confidence; domineering, aggressive, or decisive behaviors. Sometimes looks play a factor, such as height or good looks. Most of these traits are either learned really early or life or not learned at all. These kinds of traits could define you as a born leader.

However, if you define leadership differently, there are other traits that need to come into the picture. For example, if you think of a leader as someone who provides direction, or showing a good example, this type of leadership doesn't require you to be an authority figure.

If you define leadership as something that is learned, then there are couple things that you can work on. How you lead people is usually based on two elements: how good your ideas are and how you influence people.

People will automatically flock towards you if you have an idea that is out of this world. This won't require a lot of persuasion on your part. Many people will just jump on the bandwagon.

If the need arises where you need to persuade your case, the chances of getting followers becomes more difficult. If it is your desire to become a political figure, you definitely need the art of speech. When you define leadership in this sense, the skills that you use to influence people needs to be developed.

The important thing to consider is that everyone can develop some type of leadership, even if they don't feel like they were born with the right skills to influence others.

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