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Is your cat mad? 
Well I'm sure your cat is if it has a nasty flea infection.  Fleas are a parasite that exist for the sole purpose of sucking and reproducing within your animal's fur coat.  Most fleas are 1-2 mm's long.[1]   These criters can be hard to get rid of because they are so small.  One of the biggest issues is that they embed themselves in your animal's fur which will lead your cat to constantly itch himself.  Let's look at some of the signs of flea infestation before examining both natural and chemical ways to remove them. 


Signs of Flea Infestation

  • Itching:  Cats will itch themselvs with their feet.  Because of their flexibility they can easily reach the infested areas.  If you notice your cat constantly scratching spots on their coat then there is a chance that a flea has infested them. 
  • Meowing:  Cats are often in pain during a flea infestation.  This can cause your cat to meow constantly.  Cats will try to get your attention and let you know that something isn't right with them.  This is because fleas embed themselvs in your cats fur and it hurts.  So cats will alert you to this problem.  The only way they can do this is by meowing.  When a cat meows it is there way of telling you that they want something.  Now, just because your cat is "talkative" doesn't mean they have fleas, but if it is coupled with constant itching then you should examine them. 
  • Search:  If you find that your cat is being very "talkative" and constantly itching themselves then you should search them for fleas.  Fleas can be hard to spot because they are small 1-2mm bugs that embed themselvs in the fur of your animal.   You may need to get a fine comb and comb their fur.  When you see that there is a bug moving through the fur then you should try to examine it carefully.  The flea will be small (1-2mm) and brownish/red in color. 

After looking for signs of a flea infestation and if you confirm there is a flea in their fur then you should try to remove them.  This article will look at both chemical and natural ways to remove them.  What we want more than anything is for your cat to be happy again. 

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A Guide

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All Natural Method

The first method we will examine in this article is natural ways to deflea your cat.  Now there is no way to completely use a natural method, but the natural method will use household prodcuts that are proven to get rid of fleas.  This method will involve a bath and vaseline. 

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How to do it the natural way

  • Step One:  The first way to deflea your cat the natural way is to fill up a bathtub with warm water.  Make sure that you do not use any type of human soap in the bathtub.  Never use human soap or shampoo with animals.
  • Step Two:  Next, find your cat and escort him to the bathtub.  The cat will resist the water.  You should know if you are a cat owner that cats do not like water.  So, take precautions and wrap yourself in some heavy clothing.  Cats may strike out and try to bite you if you put them in the bathtub. 
  • Step Three:  Put the cat in the bathtub.  The cat will try to escape the bathtub.  It will resist the water with everything it has so you may need a friend to help you hold your cat in the bath.  Make sure the cat is washed.  You want the cat to be soaking wet.
  • Step Four:  Take the cat out of the bathtub and get a comb.  Hold the cat and comb through it's fur.  While you are combing through the cat get a can of vaseline and put a drop of vaseline on every flea that you see.  The vaseline will suffocate the flea and kill them instantly.  So, use vaseline on all the fleas when you comb through the cat. 


After you complete the natural method which is almost 100% natural your cat should be fine, but just in case you may need to repeat this process again.  I would recommend getting your cat a few hours after you do it the first time and repeating it.  This will make sure that the fleas are finished for good. 


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Chemical Method

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The natural way may work, but it is time consuming there are other ways that involve chemicals developed for cats that work just as effectively.  This is known as the chemical way and it is preferred by cat owners.  This method involves you going to the pet store and finding a solution called frontline for cats. 

How do you apply it?

  • Step One:  Go to the pet store or and purchase a chemical solution called Frontline Plus for Cats. 
  • Step Two:  Wait until you receive the solution in the mail (from amazon) or pick it up from the store and take it home.
  • Step Three:  Apply the solution to the back of your cat's head.  Do not use too much of the solution and follow the instructions. This is a chemical and you do not want to use too much so follow the instructions on the box carefully. 
  • Step Four:  Wait for the fleas to die. 

Frontline for Cats is a chemical method that should clear up your cat's flea problem in no time flat.  I recommend this if you do not want to put your cat through the trauma of a bath! 

Frontline for Cats

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Final Tips

Talking with Your Vet about your Pet
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Final Tips for your pet.