So you've created a category in WordPress, but you've decided to not use it after all. Or maybe you made a typo and now that category is there, cluttering up the list in "New Post" screen. Creating categories in WordPress is easy, but deleting them is a little trickier.

Don't worry though, in this simple guide I'll show you how to get rid of the category.

Things You Will Need

  • An internet connection
  • A WordPress admin page
  • A category to delete

Step 1

Finding Categories in WordPress AdminIn the WordPress admin, go to the sidebar on the left and expand the "Posts" section if it is not expanded already. Click on the "Categories" link.

Step 2

The Categories overview page will load. On the left you'll see a form you can use to create new categories, but our area of interest is the table on the right with the category list. Find the category you want to delete.Category Delete Link

Step 3

When you've found the category, hover your mouse over the category title, but DON'T click it! Clicking it will bring you to the category detail page, and there's no option to delete there. But if you look closely when you hover your mouse over the title, you'll see three links appear under the title.

The third link is "Delete". Click it to delete the category.

Step 4

Are You Sure WarningNext you will see a pop-up with a warning that you're about to permanently delete the selected category. Click OK to delete the category.
That's it. The category has now been deleted. If there were any posts left in the category, they will still be on the blog, but they'll have that specific category removed.

If a post is left orphaned, WordPress will automatically assign the default category, usually named "Uncategorized".

Tips & Warnings

  • If you use the category page slug in your permalink, deleting categories might not be a wise idea.
  • If you have linked to the overview page of the category somewhere in your content, that link is now dead and will return a 404.