The more value you can demonstrate in work and in life, the more status you will be perceived to have. A demonstration of higher value happens when you understand the intricacies of social dynamics and you modify your behaviour in subtle ways to raise your perceived status in a social interaction
In this article we will discuss the specific techniques that can give more effective expression to the character of an individual.
Remember that you are already remarkable, you already have a compelling story, but unless you can share it with others and allow people to see your true worth, you will be limited in the impact you can create in your work, and the connections you make in your social life.  
I have outlined three highly specific ways you can increase your perceived status

#1 Demonstrate Value through your Body Language


Few of us are aware just how important our body language is when it comes to demonstrating higher value. the way George Clooney owns a room says a lot about his intrinsic feeling of self-worth. It is important that we become aware of our own body language and how it affects those around us. By modeling the body language of those we admire and by gaining constant feedback on our progress by asking friends or by videotaping our movements we can display our true worth with our body movements

#2 Demonstrate your Value through your Personal Style


The way you dress and present yourself to the world says a lot about you, Whether you realise it or not. The key here is to be distinctive. Your dress style should polarize people, It should either say; I'm one of you or I'm an interesting person who would be fun to get to know. you may think that this is a very superficial way of looking at things and style doesn't matter, however it in fact a deep rooted psychological trigger and by choosing to ignore it we lose out on an opportunity to further demonstrate value

#3 Demonstrating Value through Storytelling


Telling stories is an integral part of human society, They have been shared by every culture since the dawn of humanity. Stories are a powerful way to relate to one another and form strong connections that can last a lifetime. You should practice the art of storytelling by sharing remarkable and unique things about your personality. Although it is important to ensure that you keep a degree of humility so you don't come across as a show off.


Bringing it all together, these three outlined methods of DHV work spectacularly well. Assuming you are focused on increasing your self-awareness and practicing the skills

You can demonstrate higher value by becoming aware of the factors that influence how people see you, and then consciously carrying yourself in a way that is congruent with your true worth. A very important thing to do if you want to contribute more professionally or socially