With summer coming you may sweat more than usual, especially under your breasts. Even in cold winter temperatures your breasts may sweat a lot. If the sweat builds up it can lead to a sour smell.

There are a few ways you can help slow or eliminate the odors coming from under your sweaty breasts.

Baby Powder
Baby powder is cheap and can be very effective at getting rid of the sour odor under your breasts. Apply a liberal dose of baby powder under your breasts when you get out of the shower.

Nike Cool Max Sports Bras
Nike Cool Max material helps wick sweat and moisture from the body. Many women find great relief in wearing Nike Cool Max sports bras as a daily bra. If you like the fit and comfort of a sports bra then pay a little extra and try out a bra made with Cool Max material.

Deodorant and Anti Perspirant
You can try out some under arm deodorant and anti-perspirant. It works for some women but often times will lead to a small rash or irritation. Most underarm deodorants contain aluminum. If you get an aluminum free deodorant then you will have a lot less chance of getting a rash under your breasts.

Vegetarian Diet
If you eat a healthy diet of foods and cut out all meat consumption you will still sweat, but the sweat tends not to have an odor. A vegetarian diet can also help with vaginal odors.

A vegetarian diet will not work over night but within 2-6 months you will be amazed that the sweat under your breasts no longer produces a sour smell. You still sweat, but it is more of a neutral odor.

Bad smells emitting from under your breasts are not just annoying, but can also be embarrassing. Feel free to try one or more of these techniques to help rid your body of sour sweat smells.

A vegetarian diet is a great way to get rid of the foul odors of your sweat glands, but you must religiously refrain from eating meats or any meat products. A vegetarian diet will probably not work for the vast majority of people as meat is all around us and hard to follow a vegetarian eating plan.

If you can not become a vegetarian then try one or more of the other options. Feel free to combine methods to combat under breast sweating. If you use a deodorant and or anti-perspirant then try to buy some healthier alternatives that do not have aluminum as an ingredient.

If you try out the Nike Cool Max Sports Bra option then try it out first without baby powder. You can then start dabbing on a little bit of baby powder as needed, if needed at all.

If money is low, the baby powder method works great for many women too help curb not only some of the sweat that emits from under the breasts, but rids the noxious sour smell by masking the scent.