Scrapbooking is a great past time to have, and now with new technology you can design digital scrapbook pages. To get you started I have prepared this quick tutorial on how to design digital scrapbook pages.

Making a digital scrapbook is a fun hobby, and believe it or not takes less skill then physically making a hard copy scrapbook.

There are many different ways to create your digital scrapbook pages. I'm going to discuss a few of these great ways, and before you know it, you will be making digital scrapbooks like a pro.

1. Find a company that offers digital scrapbooking software - This is the easy part; there are so many companies that offer digital scrapbooks. A few companies that offer competitive prices for their scrapbooking software, is smile box, digital design, and many more.

Depending on what type of scrapbook page you want to design, the steps change for each page. We will tell you about some of the easiest pages you can create.

Steps on how to design digital scrapbook pages:

1. Create a canvas - The canvas is what you are going to be tying all your pictures together on. Many sites that offer digital scrapbooking will have many canvases to choose from.

2. Drag photos - Drag your photos from your computer onto the page you wish to design. There will be special spots for you to drop your photos onto.

3. Write to your heart's content- There will be a place to jot down some of your most intimate thoughts. Or you can utilize the space to tell your family how much you love them.

4. Save it - Make sure that you check over all of your work, hit save and you're done.

Steps to assist you in creating a row of photos:

1. Open a canvas in your photo software program. Insert a dark color for the background, and a lighter color for where you want the pictures to lay.

2. Open your photos and adjust the photos until they are 3" X 4". Make sure that you align the photos to sit next to each other without any open spaces in between. Leave a space next to the photos so you can write a note to your loved ones.

3. Insert a background that is comprised of stripes. Position the stripe background so that it frames the pictures that you are wanting your family to see.

4. Add boxes for writing any special notes to your friends and family.

5. Save your creation and send it in an email.

Making a digital scrapbook page is extremely easy and does not require as much work as an ordinary hard copy scrapbook. Digital scrapbooking pages take less time to create and can be sent anywhere because everything is done on the computer.

Your family will appreciate a digital scrapbook probably more than an old fashioned hard copy scrapbook. New technology is always working to improve the old ways of doing things with faster more creative new ideas. Your digital scrapbook can be burned onto a DVD as well, if your computer has the capability of doing so. In order to perfect your skills in making a digital scrapbook you need to practice doing so.

I hope these steps will help assist you in completing the task of digital scrapbooking. Since digital scrapbooking is still a new thing to many people, there is not much to go off of. As you engage in digital scrapbooking you will learn the tricks of the trade to make stunning scrapbooks in half the time it would take you to make a hardcopy book. Learning how to design digital scrap book pages is fun.