How to Design Pirate Birthday Invitations for Anybody

If you don't know what the Pirates of the Caribbean are, and who Jack Sparrow is, I guess you have been living in a cave! All children know them and it has influenced them in a really big way. Pirate themed birthday parties are all the rage today whether it is for children or grown-ups. We will explore ways of creating great pirate birthday invitations here.

Birthday invitations on the pirate theme are really fun projects, where you can have a lot of fun even before the party begins. Many people, instead of buying readymade invitations for the pirate theme, make their own invitations at home. The reason is simple – pirate is such an interesting concept that it makes you want to be a pirate leader yourself, a la Johnny Depp.

To make the invitation, well… more inviting, you can include suitable wordings and language. The pirate lingo is the most enjoyable part of the whole party theme. You don't want to be civilized here; you are a pirate after all and are calling out to more pirates! You can say goodbye to the 'Hello's and Sir's and Dears'. They are all pirates and there are only mateys here – no mates. Anyway, use pirate words like 'Ye' (which are old English) instead of you everywhere. Get the pirate lingo now?

Invitees (sorry, pirates) don't attend your party anymore; instead they join your ship crew. There aren't any friends here too, only 'salty dogs'. They have come here to pillage and plunder and not to have fun. I guess you know what I am saying by now. There are of course many more replacement words for writing the pirate birthday invitations on the internet.

Be a pirate even when writing down your address on the invitation. You want to get the whole feel of the pirates when you are inviting them. People no more come to your home or the party venue. They will only 'set sail' in the direction of your pirate ship. You can, of course, get so many more words to write the invitations on the internet, I leave them to you.

Alright so we've played enough with the words. Have you thought about the fonts? You must look for those fonts which were used during the years when pirates were very active. The fonts must be old and stylish. MS Word has a bevy of such fonts and you can choose anyone or even more of them for different places. Examples include Bernard and MS Gothic.

Even if your word application does not have the fonts that you would like to write the invitations in, you will many more on the internet again. Download as many of them as you can and install them. You can then pick and choose the ones that you like best. Pirate fonts do make an impression on the invited guests, so don't forgo it.

Also very important for the pirate birthday invitations are the images you use on the envelope and inside. The images should make the first impression and make it clear as to what the birthday party theme is. Without a doubt, the wrecked ship in brown is the best suited for the pirate theme.