Do you need to create trade show displays for your small business?  Your booth needs to serve two different purposes.  It has to convey information, and it also needs to be eye catching.  A common error when creating trade show display boards is to focus so much on the information that the overall look is too busy and overwhelming for passersby, so they pass you by.  This article will help you filter your information to create successful trade show display boards that draw people in.


Make your company logo or name is prominent.  Be sure that the graphic you use at the top of your trade show display board is large enough to be seen from at least 15 feet away.  This way a potential customer or client walking down the center of the isle will be able to see it and recognize your company.  It will draw people in, instead of requiring people to a smaller logo that requires people to already be in front of your booth before they see what your company is. 


Create headers.  Think of these as headlines in a newspaper.  The headings need to be gripping, and no more than 15 words long.  They should be a central message that your target demographic is interested in, and might be phrased as a question.  For example: “Would you like to save money on heating costs this winter?”  When creating these headings for your trade show display, the font size should be large and clear enough to be seen from at least 12 feet away.    Depending on the size of your board, you should have 5 to 7 headings.  Stagger these headings (imagine the five dots on dice) to create an attractive layout for your display board. 


Illustrate your headings with photos or bold, colorful charts.  Again, the trade show display board must be eye-catching, because the purpose is to draw a person over to your booth.  Photographs are much more interesting to look at than more text.  They must be relevant to your point as well.  A graph showing an increase of savings that dramatically spikes upward is informative and easy to understand in a moment.  A professional photograph of your product at work, or in a staged setting will give your company credibility and show potential customers how it will work for them. 


Caption your photos with short paragraphs that are no more than 50 words.  These should be legible for a person who is standing 2 feet away from your booth, since the logo, headers, and pictures have drawn the person over by now, and they want to know more.  Any more than 50 words, and the person will not have time to read it in a fast paced setting like a trade show.  Really narrow down what you want to say and provide only the main points you need to get across to your target audience. 


Supplement your trade show display boards with brochures.  Your brochures may contain more information about your product since the text on trade show displays need to be kept to a minimum.  And that’s all there is to creating eye catching trade show displays.  Good luck!