Who would want to have a boring lifeless bedroom? When you close your eyes after a tiring day and when you open them once again for a new one, won't you want to see an elegant and comfortable place?

Probably your answer is yes. A bedroom is considered as the heart of houses because it is where people rest, start, and end a day.

Thus, because of its importance, many people opt to have their sleeping sanctuaries designed and accessorized. You don't need a professional interior designer to have a fashionable room though.

After all, your bedroom is considered as the fittest place to reflect your self expression. If you are planning for a room renovation, the following are tips you can follow to design your bedroom.

Before jumping to any decisions for the theme of your bedroom, it is effective to think of one emotional word that you can use as basis to design your bedroom.

Whether it is "peaceful," "cozy," "romantic," or "wild," having a word that you'll follow is a good start in choosing your wall and floor colors as well as the furnishings or accessories that you'll need to buy for your master bedroom design.

After choosing the colors, then it's time to finally select a theme that your room will have to follow. You can experiment with pink for a princess theme, blue for a space style, or green for a feel of Tropical Island.

The thing is you have to be consistent with your designs and colors. Last step is the selection of the anchor furniture for your room. The bed is considered as the center point of the bedroom so all the accessories, curtains, or cabinets you'll buy should match your bed.

In choosing pieces of furniture, however, large ones should be chosen based from the style you are following and not the most vibrant color in the palette you've used.

Having other extras to design your bedroom like drapes, good beddings, and canopies can also help in achieving the look that you want to have when you design a bedroom.

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