Design your own website to attract potential customers to your business. The best way to advertise a business is to build a website. Making a web site is cheaper than you might think. Build a website that has all the features your customers will be looking for. You can add contact information, directions to your business and sell items online. For a complex website, I suggest hiring a professional designer. If you want to build a simple and fast website, you can design your own website in a few hours.

Things You Will Need

Internet access
Credit card
Digital Photos
Articles and content for the site

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
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Step 1

Open an internet browser and visit a hosting website such as Host Monster, Host Gator or Blue Host. Sign up for website hosting and register a domain name by following the instructions on the site.

Step 2

Download a free web site builder from an online site such as Evrsoft, Blue Voda or Nedwolf. These editors will allow you to design your own website without having to learn HTML.

Step 3

Upload your images into the web site builder and create a great looking website that will suit your business needs.

Step 4

After you design your own website, upload the website design on the hosting server. Follow the instructions on the hosting website to get your website to go live.

As you have seen, designing your own website is an easy process. If you have any questions about your new website, check with your hosting provider. They will have videos and articles that can help. YouTube is also a good resource when looking for information about how to design your own website.

Tips & Warnings


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the easiest way to advertise your website. Use keywords related to your business throughout the website so people searching online can find your website easily.

When designing your site, think about how your customers will be using the site. Put the most helpful information near the top of the page so the users do not have to scroll the page.

Choose one font and color scheme for the entire site.

If your site gets too big or becomes complicated, you can always call a professional web designer. You can hire a freelance web designer to design your site for a very reasonable price.


When you design your own website, be sure to use your own images or purchase your images from a site that sells images. Always make sure you have permission to use photos on your site.

Always create your own content for your website. Never copy any work unless you have permission from the author and/or site owner.