How to write a Detail on a Pet Breed

Detailing a pet breed may sound easy at first, but with anything in writing non-fiction, it is far from easy. It takes time and research. One cannot just look at a pet and then write about it. Unless of course one is writing a blog about their own pets only and not everyone is going to want to read that to find out what Miss Kitty or Mister Fuzzybutt are doing day in and day out.Tortishell Perian and White Persian KittenCredit: alexiafeatherchild


Although funny pictures and youtube videos might just be something that catches the attention of some people. No, instead detailing a certain type of domestic animal might help someone to choose a pet they feel is right[2] for them in regards to size and temperament. Thus one should write an article about a certain breed of animal in regards to who will be reading said piece.

Step One

The first step in detailing a particular breed of pet is to choose which breed to detail. This is usually easiest when one already knows a bit about a particular critter be it a cat, dog, bird, rabbit or some other type of pet big or small. Should an individual who wishes to detail a pet breed have a furry companion of their own that does have a pedigree of being a certain breed one could always start there. While that isn't necessary, it may prove to be the easiest route in writing a detail on a particular domestic animal.

Step Two

The second step in writing a detail on a pet breed is to write what one knows about the creatures pedigree from first hand experience. However, this, for some will be impossible. There are however other methods including research. Each breed, especially those that are well known have their own books and magazines at pet stores and there is a plethora of information on the internet. The best place to search online would be the official sites like the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association)[1] for felines. A tip here is not to copy word for word, but it is a good site to reference, if one is detailing a cat breed. The same applies to any official site about breeds of domestic animals. Always put your own spin on the article you're writing even if its on a pet breed.

Step Three

The third step is to first write about the name of the breed, what type of animal it is, what height at the withers, length and weight it ranges from both male and female.

Step Four

The fourth step is to write about the color of its fur and what is deemed exceptable in shows, if the breed is yet registered to be allowed in shows other than in the pet category itself. What colors does the animals fur come in? What is seen as an imperfection? In some cases one may want to write down the shape of the head and the shape of the body.

Step Five

The fifth step is to write about the types of ailments the breed suffers from healthwise in their genetic background. While not all of the breed will develop the health issue, it is something that should be addressed when detailing a pet breed.

Step Six

The sixth step is to write about the breeds temperment. While there are exceptions to nearly everything and it also depends on how the pet is raised, the temperment is usually the same, or nearly so throughout a breed. For example the temperment of a Himalayan Cat which is said to be sweet natured and having a love of attention from their human companions.

Himalayan CatCredit: alexiafeatherchild

Step Seven

The seventh step would be to write about the animals history. Was this a breed that already existed in nature or was it one developed through eugenics to gain a particular look and temperment like that of the Royal Dog of Madagascar?

Step Eight

The eighth and optional step would then be to write about the animals kind in popular culture, if the breed were ever used on a television show, as a toy, a part of a book series, or owned by someone well known be they famous or infamous.

Step Nine

And the final, nineth step is to find or take some pictures and place them within ones article on the domestic animal type they've decided to detail. One should always make sure that they have images they're allowed to use like that of public image domains.

What Now?

That is how one details a pet breed. The list may seem small or large depending on ones own views of the matter, but there is a lot of information on each breed save perhaps those which are newer to the scene. Some breeds one might not even have heard of before and thus the information will be little or even conflicting. And although this is a how to on how to detail a pet breed there is room for a bit of wiggle as the order doesn't have to be followed and one can always add something extra. Cotonese Puppies


Should one have had experience with a particular animal be it their own or belong to someone they know an individual could always inject their own views on the matter. Not to mention placing some photos of the pet in question.

Don't Forget

Once you've detailed a pet breed go find your own furry friend and give them some attention and don't forget to groom the long hairs more often than the shorthairs. And should a person detailing a pet not even own a single pet, it is hoped that they might go rescue one from a shelter be it a small pet like a hampster or a larger pet like a dog. All in all, its fun to learn about another breed whilst creating an article about the animal, or even to read.

Now go and write, but not before giving your furry companion your undivided attention.

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