Paid survey websites and other marketing research companies will pay you, but you will not earn a living from them. You can win some extra money in addition to the little amount of earnings that you can receive, or be given free or discounted goods sometimes.

Other reliable paid survey websites and other marketing research groups will give reward points through a certain program, where you can earn points for just referring others and redeem these points for additional cash, charity donations or prizes online. 

Other valid paid survey websites including marketing research business companies will award you a good amount of money if you become one of their winners in their contests, daily drawings or sweepstakes that they offer. Usually your points start out slow but other survey takers don't mind the points too much because they just enjoy the time taking the surveys and by doing it, their points will just add up over time.

Some valid paid survey websites including marketing research groups pay in rewards while others pay in cash. The amount of money paid for legitimate surveys is usually based on time that you'll spend for accomplishing it and the complexity of each survey. There are some trusted companies out there that will really pay you cash to fill out their surveys but you need to find the good ones that offer the best payments.



things you'll need:

  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Time to research online
  • Willingness to read about sites and companies that offer surveys
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      Do some research on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine using the paid survey site's or marketing research group's name. This is helpful because you will read negative and positive feedback about them before making a decision to sign-up or not. 

      You also need to examine whether the positive feedback in the forum really comes from the survey takers because some owners of survey sites or marketing research groups will just post as many as they can to deceive innocent people when in reality, they're fraudsters online.

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      Check whether the survey website have the green circle as a positive rating from WOT since it could provide vendor reliability, trustworthiness, and privacy. You can do this by looking at your internet browser if it has a Web Of Trust (WOT) as an add-on since this can also assist you in determining whether the paid survey business website has good business relations with its survey takers or panel members. 

      You can pan out the green circle and hover your cursor to "View scorecard for rating details" and click it where you can see comments by category. If it's been around for some time then you may find lots of comments by online users telling you what kind of site it is whether good, useful, informative, spam, with annoying content, phishing, etc. 

      Do not participate in any survey website including a research marketing website which has a red circle as a rating from WOT because this may indicate that it's a spam and fraud type of business. You also need to see a working security, safety, or privacy seals like BBB which stands for Better Business Bureau, VeriSign which secures your private information or TrustE which ensures privacy or other trusted seals on the world wide web.

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      Observe carefully how the paid survey website as well as other research marketing company presents their business to you because some may only pretend to be conducting a paid survey or research but actually, they just want to let you view all their products for sale. They don't care whether this is an unethical practice because all they want is for you to view and hopefully purchase their products online. 

      Take note that a legitimate and well-established research marketing companies will never attempt to sell products or services to you as their survey taker or panel member. They will even offer a gift in appreciation of your endeavor and cooperation. This particular gift could be in a form of nominal monetary award, cash donation to a charity, or a product sample.

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      Be careful of survey websites as well as other marketing research businesses that will require up front fees when you sign-up for them because this is one sign that they are fraudulent. You also need to be careful with ads that posts "Get Your Free Xbox 360! by completing a very short survey" or "Enter your email and get an instant free $500 gift cards" because if you'll click it and answer the long survey, you'll generally end up with nothing then be disappointed by a lot of junk in your inbox the following day.

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      Review the payment systems of the survey website and also the marketing research business very carefully. Some survey sites and other marketing research businesses will pay with a cheque via mail but if others send it through your PayPal account. 

      You need to contact PayPal so that you'll be sure that you can receive their payment. You also need to check whether the survey website including other marketing research companies is actively following PayPal's policy and terms of service.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also win sweepstakes for an automatic entry just for being a member and additional entry everyday if you log-on to the survey site. Other legitimate survey websites may offer extra points if you complete a particular survey. They will also give daily, weekly or monthly sweepstakes.

  • Fraudulent or fake survey websites will give you the surveys, but when you reach the payout limit they will just steal your earnings. You can't even ask for clarification because there is no contact information within their site. 

    Other fraudulent survey websites will post a small inquiry section but when they provide a reply, it usually states that you need to recruit a number of people first or you need to sign-in a couple of times before you can receive your payment. They will even inform you that you had a fraudulent account that's why you can't get your cash or product reward. There are endless reasons that they will tell you so avoid wasting your time to these types of fraudulent survey sites.