Google Adsense is one program that every popular blog has hooked into to make money. Writers, marketers and even teens are finding Google Adsense to be a great way to bring in residual income and not worry so much about the day to day job income. Yet, before you are even on the path of Google Adsense, you have to question how to determine how much money we will make before we begin the blog?

You definitely won't be putting your efforts into a new blog or even a new site if you know you won't be making good money! Passive income means cash coming in, but not going out! So how do you decide if your profits are worth the blog?

Here's how:

1. Start by reviewing your topic on Google Adsense Keywords. Once you have a possible topic that you want to blog about, sit down and write a list of 50 words you think would be repeated into your column over a 30 day period. These words should be run through the Google Adsense Keyword Tool to see if the keywords offer high payout ads. Those words ranging $3 plus mean more money in your pocket. Those keywords less than $3 means you have to write harder. You need to be banking on lots of cash keywords.

2. Consider how often you will be publishing on your blog. If you look at different blogs, the average blogger publisher more than three times a day. Other bloggers (full timers) blog well past a dozen times a day. Perez Hilton blogs more than 70 times a day. The more you blog, the more people view your writing and consider clicking Google Adsense ads.

3. Consider how much time you have to write and rewrite a blog using Google Adsense Keywords. If you have a favor at writing then you may find a blog a good choice, however if you have to retrain your mind and need to pound those Google Adsense Keywords into the blog, it might take longer as well as not be a pretty sight.

4. Consider how many subscribers you will have. If you find yourself with lots of friends (both online and around town) then a blog will have better views and ultimately more views and Google Adsense clicking. If you don't have a lot of people to ask to be subscribers, then how can you find ways to build up your subscription base?

5. Consider how comfortable you are social networking about your blog. Putting yourself out there means people will come to your blog to see your words and look at your Google Adsense Ads. If you dont like marketing, then a blog will suffer and bring in pennies instead of solid dollars.

In closing, you should make sure you like your topic, your idea and are willing to commit to posting daily on your blog. This will trigger better results in your Google Adsense and put money in your pocket. The first 90 days of any blog are the most critical as you need to be constantly aware of the forward progress for your success. If you can, positively, get past the first 90 days with postings of more than once a day you should be well on your way making money on Google Adsense.