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If you detox your body regularly, you won't be sorry. The body constantly builds up toxins that slow it down and make it more susceptible to disease. When you detox it you will purify it so that your body can fight illnesses. You will be less tired, and more motivated and energetic. This is because your organs can work better when they are free of toxins. Most people don't even realize how toxins are built up in their bodies until they become very sick. It makes a huge difference in your energy level as well.

Take Psyllium as a source of fiber. Psyllium husks help with detoxing by cleaning out your digestive system. It is a natural ingredient that is already in a lot of over the counter high fiber products. Psyllium comes from the Plantago ovata plant. It is native to Asia. It is a natural way to detox.

Add two pinches of cayenne pepper and 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water. Stir it up to dissolve it completely. You should drink this two times a day in order to help cleanse and detox. This may not taste very good but it will work well.

Try the Cabbage soup diet. The Cabbage soup diet is a good way to cleanse your body naturally. This diet is a planned diet and should be followed for 7 days only. It consists of mostly vegetables and fruits and juices. There are some days though that you will have beef, and some other items as well. It's very filling and not as hard as it sounds. 

Drink more water! Drinking water is a good way to cleanse your body naturally as well. Water purifies and is one of the best ways to bring your body back to its natural state. By drinking more water, you will most likely be less hungry and this will flush out toxins.

Fasting with juice can also be a great way to detox your body. Teas and water are also allowed when you are fasting this way. You should use natural juices with no sugars and additives. If you are able, make your own juice with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Some common kitchen herbs that can be used to detox are rosemary, thyme and Basil. Adding these types of fresh herbs to your cooking  in combination or separately can be helpful in detoxing as well.

Whatever way you choose to use in your endeavor to become healthier and energetic, it will well worth the effort.


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