Michaels Graduation

In the US, we are constantly hearing how our educational system is failing us. Different laws are developed such as no student left behind. Tons of money is being thrown at the educational system, and still nothing is working. A new documentary is even in the works called “ Waiting for Superman” that depicts the failing educational system. Here are some things that you can do as a student. You need to learn how to develop effective study habits.

The first thing that you must do to develop effective study habits is to take responsibility for yourself. If you are a high school student, the first thing that you must realize it that you are not in school because we have nothing to do with you from 8:AM until 3:00. What you do in that period of time is up to you. It will dictate your lifestyle one day whether you believe this or not. Some folk will get lucky and most will not. The more that you learn, the more money you will make. Effective study habits and a great education may not seem that important right now, especially if mom and dad are footing the bill, but someday this will not be the case. Besides life is a lot more fun with money in it. Money is not everything, but it screams and it shouts, and it makes some things a lot easier. If you have that under control, then you can concentrate more on your dreams, your mate, and your social life. If you are a college student with effective study habits, then you already decided this a long time ago, so hang in there.

The next thing that you should decide to develop effective study habits is what is important to you. I know at this stage in your life, your friends are the important thing to you besides the opposite sex. The really good ones always will be. Also, being a part of something and being accepted. That seems like everything right now. However, once you graduate high school all these people seem to disappear out of our lives. Ask any one of your friends that are about 20 and they can tell you that they never run into anyone from high school. Some people stay in touch, but most do not. So there you are, it is just you and the decisions that you have made. Sometimes these decisions now will pave the future later. All I am saying is if your future is important to you, then don’t base all of your decisions on what your friends are doing. Make your education a priority, you can still make lots of time for your friends. Sometimes that might mean putting studying before going to hang out. If your in college now, then some parties will have to be missed. Look ahead for the long haul and develop effective study habits now. It will be worth it.

When it is time to study, make the most of it. Find the place and time that you are most comfortable with. Somewhere that you will not be distracted. If you paid attention in class, then that is half the battle to learning something new. Pay attention to what you are reading. If you have the Internet, then look the subjects up and see if you can learn it another way such as video, or a documentary. Approach new material in different ways to make it understandable and make it stick. Learning how to develop effective study habits is a process. Find what works for you and stick with it. Challenge yourself and never say I can’t do it. You can!

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