Being able to create wealth takes time. Unless you hit the jackpot or win the lottery don’t bother to think about becoming rich overnight. Usually you need to come up with a great idea before you can even get started. Once this idea is legit and has become a practical business model, the rest will follow – ‘doing, learning and doing things better.’

The people who end up successful are just like everyone else and have to start from the beginning. Like everyone in the world, you can’t be guaranteed that you will end up successful. The main point is that everyone needs to get started somewhere.

As your progress, you will notice that you will be ever adapting yourself and how you move forward in life may occur differently. You may approach a past situation with a completely different view.

You need to embrace the possibility that the life you know can be turned upside down and you will need to redefine who you are. This is necessary to start your journey towards becoming financially free. If you can’t insure that you will be willing to change then you cannot insure that you will obtain your goals.

In a sense, here are 4 actions that you need to gain financial success:

  1. Obtain assets that can generate income.
  2. Using corporate structures make sure you protect these assets
  3. Take the income from your assets and use it to grow more wealth
  4. Use philanthropic venues to distribute your wealth

To really live by these actions you need to develop habits of highly successful people.

A. Keep it simple.

If you can take the easy way, take the easy way. Customers know what they want all you need to discover is what exactly they want. If you can find out what they want and deliver it to them they will be eternally happy.

If you have problems, don’t get entangled and spiral into a period of inaction. Robert Shemin says:

‘How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? Answer: You open the door, put the giraffe in, and close the door.’

Often, if you try to stay simple it is the best path to wealth!

B. Take responsibility for your actions.

Blaming others for your failure is a common theme in peoples’ lives. What happens if all of your investments go under. Do you immediately blame it on the market at large or your specific advisor?

This quote by John Stuart Mill sums it up: ‘A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.’

If you have the practice of taking inaction instead of action then you are just contributing to destroying your wealth. You will be pulled down if you remain inactive.

C. Discover what you never knew.

This is a great habit to create. It is one held by many successful people. Attempting to generate wealth can be completely foreign to you. If you only surround yourself with what you already know then you’ll never meet your goals.

Turn a new leaf. If you don’t feel like you know enough about the stock market, business plans or even how real estate works then research and learn what you can that you don’t already know.

You need to break down the walls that are holding you back to create change in your life.

D. Appreciate life.

The saying goes, “Money isn’t everything in life.” You can’t buy everything with money. By all means, you can use your wealth to enjoy life but appreciating life comes from the wealth created from your surrounding networks of family and friends, life’s leisure activities, love and everything else life has to offer.

Don’t get me wrong, in life money is a big help but if you make that the number one focus you will most likely end up feeling unfilled. Appreciate what you have in your life.

Don’t take it for granted but view wealth creation as a bonus for treating and appreciating the networks you hang out with. Appreciate it.

E. First get and then give.

At Christmas, you always feel like giving presents is better than getting presents. For some, this is certainly the case but you can’t really give if you don’t have something to give. Thus, you need to get first.

With wealth creation, as you generate more you can really make a bigger different in peoples’ lives. So many celebrities are major contributors or even founders of life-changing charities. If they didn’t have the wealth to give none of these foundations would have ever been started.

I believe in the power of giving, especially when you have been on the receiving end. Have you ever been on the other end? The receiving end. Has an unexpected present rewarded you for giving your own time/money to something else.

I believe that karma is a hidden surprise waiting to reward us for something we cannot even see.

These are a few of the habits successful people try to live by. Do you have any habits that are helping you in your search for wealth creation?