Self-confidence is something that most of us feel that we need to build up, in fact more than 3 in 5 people have self-confidence issues. In order for you to be able to address this you will need to go on a journey of personal growth where you will experience what it is like to build yourself. Improving your self-confidence permanently is no easy task and anyone who says that it is, is hugely misinformed and is only offering you a “quick fix”.


People who are have confidence in themselves experience a significant growth in their personal development and achieve more in both their professional and personal lives. By feeling confident you will be more popular and you will also notice that you are able to get more things done and on time. The reason for all of these things is the fact that when you have no self-confidence you tend to shy away from people, holding back your true personality so that you do not fulfill your potential. People with confidence issues have trouble focusing, keeping things in order, completing menial tasks and even find themselves feeling some form of depression. There are many self-help options you can use in order to shake off all of the things that have been holding you back and becoming the person you deserve to be. Follow these important beginners steps:


  • Take a look at your wardrobe – This may sound weird but what you wear actually affects your mood which has been scientifically proven to make a significant impression on your self-esteem. Dark colors, although will make you look slimmer; will bring down your mood. Try teaming up one black item, either a skirt or pants with something more colorful on top. For men just changing you’re “at home clothes” and choosing a few new ties will make all the difference. Tailoring is a big “Yes!” for men and women and a properly tailored suit or trouser, skirt or pants individual item can create a wide range of looks. It all depends on what you are looking for; for creating curves, hiding lumps and bumps, creating the appearance of an ample derriere can all be achieve with the right tailoring. Choosing a patterned, block color or striped top can really lift your mood and improve your self-esteem.


  • Posture and speed of walking: How you stand is very important, those who have bags of confidence walk tall and proud no matter whether they are having a good or bad day. The speed at which they walk is also a factor due to the  fact they have a high self-esteem, they are Confident and feel like they have a purpose in life and are ready to take on the world, they have somewhere, regardless where it is, that is important to be. By adopting this attitude and walking tall with your head held high this self-improvement technique will instantly lift your mood and make you feel important again. This technique in conjunction with other self-improvement techniques has been scientifically proven to improve your self-confidence by around twenty-five percent!