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I've noticed that many of the friends I had when I originally started writing online three years ago are no longer participating and haven't been seen in a long time. It's unfortunate that many people seem to have given up before realizing success with writing sites or their own blogs and websites. Don't let this happen to you! In order to have success with online writing, learn how to develop writing discipline so that you can continue writing for fun, friendship, continued education, helping readers and eventually earning additional residual income.


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Positive Attitude

  1. Step 1

Determine time to write
In order to develop writing discipline to continue writing online, first determine the amount of time to be allotted for writing. Make a schedule if needed and stick to the schedule to avoid being overwhelmed with the task of writing. Spending too much time writing articles may interfere with exercise, meals and family time and may increase your chances of quitting. Create a reasonable schedule that you will be able to follow and allow yourself flexibility to make necessary changes when life gets in the way – it always does at some point. Read "A Writer's Time" below if you're stuck.

  1. Step 2

Have patience

Be kind to yourself and patient with the process of writing online and with whatever site you are writing on. Most people won't and can't write 10 articles a day but, don't beat yourself up if you're one of the average writers. Just stick with it and it will become easier with each new article. Compete only with yourself as you continue to develop writing discipline.

  1. Step 3

Stay determined
Stay true to your original idea of writing articles, meet new people, participate and learn from the forums, have fun and just stay determined to do the best you can. Work at whatever pace is most comfortable for your schedule and lifestyle, just keep doing it a little at a time.

  1. Step 4

Set goals

Make a list of reasonable goals that seem attainable to you based on your time, schedule and willingness to continue. Keep a notepad with you when you're out and about for more ideas to include in your writing. If you don't reach the exact goal you're aiming for, you'll probably at least be close when your goals are written down and you are working towards them daily. Change the goals monthly as you get more comfortable with the writing process and learning the site you are on. Every site has a learning curve that takes time to get comfortable with.

  1. Step 5

Stay positive

Keep a positive attitude and have fun while writing online. Write what you know about to reduce the amount of research that is required. You'll find you can increase your article library much faster and that in turn will motivate you to write more and more. Slow and steady wins the race, just keep reminding yourself of that. There will be hurdles to overcome but, as long as your attitude stays positive, you'll be able to continue to enhance the community and the internet with your knowledge and positive attitude and in turn you will begin to earn the residual income you desire.

  1. Step 6

Success when you develop writing discipline

Success will be in reach if you follow these steps and continue with your plan taking it one step at a time. Pick yourself up and begin again any time you veer off track – just don't stay away too long. Good luck and have fun!



  • Take frequent breaks for exercise, stretching, meals and family time

  • Eat healthy meals and snacks to provide your body with the fuel and nutrition it needs to work at it's peak

  • Don't expect to get rich overnight – writing for residual income takes many months to years for most people

  • Learn from your mistakes but, don't beat yourself up over them and know it's part of the process

  • Celebrate small successes – the bigger ones will eventually come too

  • Stick with your writing plan for the long haul

  • Do the best you can in everything you do daily

Improve your time management skills

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