House cleaning.....ugh!  If you're anything like me, you can't stand it and that's why you're reading this right now.

I've done my fair share of living in absolute filth, but there comes a time when one must sever the ties with domesticating in a dump.  It's not healthy for the body, mind, or soul.  Deep down we all know this, otherwise the old adage of "cleanliness is next to godliness" would not be popular.  



Sometimes we find ourselves dwelling in a cess-pool befitting intervention by the environmental protection agency because we feel absolutely overwhelmed.  For whatever reason, we feel out of control or need to have an environment around us that is out of control for emotional coping reasons.  Are these healthy coping strategies?  I think not!

stress cleaningSo here's a tip to get started regardless of how you're feeling about the state of your household.  In fact, it's a ridiculously simple yet extremely effective tip.  Set up a time during the day or night that is soley dedicated to cleaning your house and establish a time limit.  15 minutes is a nice round number.  Keep this time free of any distraction. 

In these 15 minutes per day of dedicated house cleaning time, give yourself absolute freedom to choose what you want to clean first.  Those piled up dishes are stinking up the house but you'd rather pick up non-toxic trash off the floor?  Okay, then.  Do that even if you think you're priorities aren't correct.  Getting tired of picking up trash?  Then switch to cleaning your bathroom.  Also give yourself absolute freedom to clean whatever you want, as much or as little as you want, in your 15 minute timeframe.  You can switch back and forth between tasks.  It's not about finishing the job right there and then.  Don't worry about actually finishing that gargantuan load of dishes or vacuuming the entire house in one shot.  Once your 15 minute timeframe has expired you are done.  Just stop wherever you're at with the cleaning and go back to doing what you actually wanted to do in the first place (for me it would be playing on my Xbox or watching tv).  It's about making a conscious effort to "clean" your house in your allotted timeframe of 15 minutes.  Do this and you will be on the right path.

house work
 clean worker

Now relish the fact that you just actually achieved taking a positive step towards the direction of cleaning your house.  Focus on the feeling of satisfaction and pride you now feel.  You'll realize, too, that 15 minutes actually passed pretty quickly.  You'll also realize how much you were actually able to get accomplished in 15 short, un-interrupted minutes as well.  It's actually quite a bit!

No matter how huge the mess, the cumulative effect of spending 15 minutes per day cleaning will amount to 105 minutes per week.  In just one week you will begin to notice the mess is getting smaller and under control.  In addition, you will be on the path towards establishing a habit that will ultimately lead to cleanly success, especially since your progress will be maintained.

 trash dayYou will have wittled down, through time, all the cleaning activities you found the easiest to do until eventually, that really big, catastrophic mess you've been deliberately avoiding will become the only thing left for you to clean.  If you stick to your daily 15 minute cleaning quota you will have more confidence in tackling that mess.  You will know that it will only be taking a short amount of time out of your day and you will have a feeling of pride and accomplishment derived from your previous house cleaning success.  That previously unimaginable huge task of taking care of your nightmare garbage now seems quite do-able!  And it is done from breaking down the work into consistent, manageable chunks spread out over time.  

So go ahead.  Put the 15 minute house cleaning quota into action.  The mess won't stand a chance! 

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